How Kokuyo Camlin Has Given Us A Fun Way To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan With Digital Rakhi Maker

This Raksha Bandhan, Kokuyo Camlin has launched ‘Rakhi Maker’, a digital tool that lets anyone create beautiful digital rakhis and share them virtually

There’s no bigger energy booster than a little time spent on colouring. Drawing or plain doodling around with coloured sketch pens is therapeutic enough. Science now proves that colouring enhances brain functions and polishes your creative cells. Adult colouring books are big on business and so are digital painting and colouring apps.

Popular stationery and art brand, Kokuyo Camlin has an interactive Experience Camlin app for desktop and mobile. It is modeled on the brand’s philosophy to help anyone express their artistic skills to the fullest and bring their imagination to life. This Raksha Bandhan, the art brand found the right occasion to not just celebrate the bond of love between brothers and sisters, but also to celebrate the art of expressing your imagination.

Kokuyo Camlin has given us an absolutely new and fun way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with ‘Rakhi Maker’. The tool lets you create beautiful digital rakhis and share them virtually. Conceptualized and created by the brand’s digital agency Big I Tuna, the Rakhi Maker is an extension of the interactive Camlin Experience app.

You can virtually use the full range of Camlin products and tools to create endless and stunning rakhi designs within minutes with the Rakhi Maker. To do this, the Rakhi Maker uses an innovative ‘kaleidoscopic effect’ that reflects every drawing action in 20 sides.

One can choose from any of the art mediums and colours, and also alter the number of side reflections. Beyond designing personalized rakhis, they can tag and share the rakhi with their loved one on Facebook within the app, or download it and share via email.


Let me warn you – it’s addictive. I’ve been making digital rakhis on this Rakhi Maker since the last one hour and am still discovering more fun ways to create new kaleidoscopic patterns. There’s a range of mediums to choose from - wax crayons, plastic crayons, oil pastels, colour pencils, sketch pens, poster colours, oil colours, acrylic colours, and mechanical pencils. I’ve created many rakhis with each one of them, as well as a single rakhi using all the media, more like mixed media!

However, I did miss having round brushes for painting with the poster, oil and acrylic colours. Also, an edit tool to undo last action would be a useful addition to the Rakhi Maker.

The brand has been inviting its fans to create rakhis and share it with their brothers on Facebook. In a bid to boost participation, there is gratification too. The most ‘liked’ rakhis on Facebook will be awarded with Rakhi special Camlin gift hampers.

Bonding with art

The Rakhi Maker will soon be available as a feature on the Camlin Experience Android app. For an art and stationary brand, Kokuyo Camlin has rightly timed the ‘Rakhi Maker’ digital tool to be a part of our Raksha Bandhan celebrations in the virtual world.

By leveraging the occasion of Raksha Bandhan with Rakhi Maker, it has highlighted the interactivity and creative possibilities of its Experience Camlin App. A cool way to build awareness and drive downloads for the app.

Adding shareability to the digital rakhis is a smart way to spread the word on social, while the gratification works to boost user participation. The brand claims to have received over 350 submissions ever since the Rakhi Maker went live a week ago. Surely, a cool digital initiative by Kokuyo Camlin to engage its art-loving community.