How Big I Tuna Won Hearts For Kokuyo Camlin With Its Real Time Marketing Stunt

Case study by Big I Tuna for Kokuyo Camlin in which the agency harnessed the social media buzz created by Google’s new logo, with its quick video response mimicking the crayon doodling


The Client

Kokuyo Camlin Limited  (formerly known as Camlin Limited) is in the business of  manufacturing and selling of art materials and stationery products under flagship brands ‘Camel’ and ‘Camlin’ which have been in existence for more than 80 years . The company offers a wide range of products such as Fine Art materials, scholastic colours and stationery, hobby products, office products, writing and drawing instruments, adhesives and notebooks

The Agency

Big I Tuna is a full service digital agency. Inspired by the Big Eye Tuna which is among the fish that dive the deepest, the agency tries to go beyond the shallow and the obvious, and dive deep among the consumer market to come up with meaningful insights and exemplary creative work.

Problem Statement

When Google announced its new logo with a doodle using crayons, well known stationery brand Kokuyo Camlin realised it was the perfect opportunity to respond in line with its core proposition – ‘Let’s Have Fun’

Identified Objectives

To build on the social media buzz created by Google’s launch of its new logo and establish a direct connect with Kokuyo Camlin’s Crayons range.

The Strategy/Execution

To welcome the logo change and highlight the product connect with the crayon-drawn Google doodle, Big I Tuna created a micro video with a ‘Love The Change’ response using similar graphics. The video closed with the direct product connect of ‘If it’s Crayons, its Camlin’. The video was posted on Camlin’s Facebook page. @Kokuyo_Camlin shared the video with @Google on Twitter less than 24 hrs after the new Google logo was unveiled.


The Camlin ‘Love the Change’ video has been viewed more 98,980 times on Facebook.


While real time marketing is all about speed of execution, simplicity of the message is equally important for the brand to break through the clutter.