View The Kodak Wedding Collections On Facebook And Choose Your Theme

About the Kodak Wedding Collections catalogue being promoted through a Facebook app, making it really convenient for a user to choose from


Kodak, the leader in photography for over 100 years, has launched a Facebook application to promote its latest product of wedding print services – the Kodak Collections.

Even though matches are made in heaven, we need the family, the friends, the wedding planners and the photographers to make it a memorable day on earth. So that when we revisit the most important day of our lives, we have it all captured in photographs. And if you could choose a theme for all your wedding stationary to match with your wedding theme, it would be just magical!

Now Kodak, a company who is the leader in photography for over 100 years has launched a range of personalised and theme-based print packages for weddings and related occasions. The packages contain albums, invitation cards, Thank You cards and many other related products.

The brand has created an app on its Facebook page that helps fans to view the various themes in the Kodak Collections, prior to making their choice.

About the Kodak Collections product catalogue app

The catalogue is available to fans alone. So you have to like the page before you can begin browsing it.

Kodak_Collections app

Select a theme from the drop-down list and view it below starting with the Pre-Wedding Photo book to the Wedding Album, Guest Comment book, Invitation Card, Gift Bag, Calendar, Programme Card, Save the Date card, Table card, and Thank You card.

From traditional Indian themes like Bahar, Banarasi, Madhubani to more contemporary designs like Pastel Cubes, Polka and Swirls, there is a wide range of themes you can select from.

At the top right, you can connect with the brands Twitter and Pinterest page through the respective icons displayed. Besides, there is a link that shows you more package details too. Once you are done with browsing the various themes, you can get in touch with the Kodak team to find a photographer who offers the Kodak Collections packages.

How good is the campaign?

For starters, it is a fantastic product promotion on Facebook. How wonderful and convenient is it when you can actually browse for themes for your wedding stationary needs while you are on Facebook! Besides, users today find it convenient to do stuff on Facebook itself, rather than visit the company website.

It reminds me of services where you can select from a range of various hairstyles given in the catalogue and match it with your face, to find the best one that suits you.

Being a Like campaign, this will help grow its community on Facebook. ‘Like’ campaigns are good to have, provided they bring in the relevant target group and in this case, the campaign manages to bring in the right fan base – people who are looking for wedding print services.

However, the Facebook app does not make use of any of its sharing features like Facebook Share or Invite friends. In a social network primarily meant for friends and family first, a brand can be socially appealing only if it can convince a fan and her social circle.

I like this concept of promoting your wedding themes collection in a Facebook app, saving consumers the trouble to visit your website or your store. Simple and smart move indeed! What do you think?