Knorr Sabse Bada Soup-a-Star Contest Is Impressive

HUL's new Knorr Cup A Soup has started Sabse Bada Soup-a-Star Contest on social media and it is really impressive

FMCG major HUL ‘s new product, Knorr Cup a Soup has launched a new contest on their Facebook page called ‘Sabse Bada Soup-a-Star’ with the grand prize of being featured as a ‘Soup-a-Star’ on CNBC . You could also win an iPod Shuffle if you are amongst the five early birds. All you have to do is share a story in which you have been caught between two seniors at work or simply been in a sticky situation like being in a soup!

Soup-a-Star Facebook contest

The contest works like this: You connect to the Soup-a-Star app on their Facebook page and click on participate. You enter your personal details and then the details of your soupy story either in text form, an image or a video. Post submission, a new profile with your Facebook profile picture will be created. This you can use to add new stories, images or videos. With every story that you submit, you can earn badges. For example, for the first story, you get a Soup-a-Caper badge like Prasant did! For five stories, you earn Soup-a-Champ badge and for six or more stories, its Soup-a-Scorcher badge. Your stories, badges and current position is displayed on this new profile, however it is unclear as to what the current position of ‘8 out of 64’ means.

My new profile on Soup-a-Star
My new profile on Soup-a-Star

You can always check with the clearly mentioned set of instructions to participate. Besides this, you can also see the soupy stories submitted by other users along with the badges they have earned and their current position. You can vote for these stories, or share with your friends.

The brand has also created a Youtube brand channel which has three episodes currently. These videos are short and fun stories of soupy situations at work. It is not clear what other videos will be uploaded here – I’m hoping they upload the soupy video stories submitted by the contestants as this would be a sure shot way to drive participation.

[youtube 8yNkGXUQGKg 500 300]

For the people who do not have a Facebook account, you can participate on the website too after creating a login. The contest design and method is the same as Facebook.

I’m glad I stumbled upon this contest while scouting for decent Facebook campaigns, as this campaign has stuck to an objective and does not deviate at any time. What’s even wonderful is that it follows the Facebook promotional and app guidelines. I would like to list some of the features that I found appealing:

  • The Facebook contest does not compel me to ‘like’ the page prior to participation. It says a gentle ‘Please like to stay connected’. This way the brand may not increase its fan count but certainly it has won my respect.
  • The ‘Soup-a-Star’ app provides me with an option to select whether I want the app to post updates on my behalf. I could enter the contest despite disallowing the app to post updates as me.
  • The contest tab is not only attractive in its design and layout, it also has the soupy videos embedded with animated croutons flying on the screen. This is so beautiful to introduce a new soup product with the right virtual feel. Moreover, there are a clear set of instructions and one knows where to navigate next or how to go back.
  • Getting people to participate with their soupy stories especially office ones around the new Knorr soup product is a cool move. Apart from this creating a profile for fans and then pitting them against each other, creating a virtual contest feel, works really well with the target group which in this case are office goers or anybody who needs a small, economical snack.

Do check out this campaign if you want to know how to design one on social media and also share what you think about this campaign.