KLM India Wants You To Check In Passengers And Win Prizes

A review of KLM India's Check-in Frenzy’ Facebook contest where fans are required to check in virtual passengers as quickly as possible to win a number of prizes.


KLM India, the Indian arm of the Netherlands-based KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, has introduced a Facebook contest ‘Check-in Frenzy’ where you are required to check in virtual passengers as quickly as possible to win a number of prizes.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is one of the largest and the ‘oldest operational airline’ in the world. And not just that, it is probably the most distinguished airline when it comes to making a connect with its audience on social media. One campaign that really caught the imagination of the world was KLM Surprise where they hunted down passengers who had checked in at the Schipol airport in Amsterdam using Foursquare or had tweeted about travelling on a KLM flight to and from Amsterdam and presented them with goodies.

Other notable campaigns include Live Reply where their employees responded to tweets and posts with giant letters live on YouTube within one hour of receiving the particular query, Tile & Inspire where 4000 Delft blue images of their Facebook fans were pasted on one of their aircraft and Meet & Seat where people could link their Facebook or LinkedIn profile and see who else is travelling on the same flight (provided that they have also linked their profiles) and choose a seat next to them.

In short, KLM Airlines takes social media very seriously and uses it effectively to wow its passengers and fans alike. So when I came to know about their Facebook contest on the KLM India page I was intrigued. Well, given their track record anyone would. And here’s what it is all about.

Check-in Frenzy

KLM India Check-in Frenzy

KLM India is running a contest on Facebook by the name ‘Check-in Frenzy’. There is no fan gate. Click on the start button and you will be taken to the app. However, I would suggest you read the instructions. Just before the start you get a list of your Facebook friends at the top that you have to check in. Different friends belong to different classes and have to be checked in at different counters, namely Economy Class, Sky Priority and Self-Service check-in counters.

KLM India Check-in FrenzyOnce the game starts, you need to drag and drop the person being flashed to the counter he/she belongs to and drag his/her passport and luggage to their rightful places as mentioned in the instructions. The objective is to check in a bunch of passengers correctly and quickly and get a stamp by scoring 1200 points in a single attempt of 60 seconds. You need to collect 4 stamps to be eligible to win prizes.

How cool is it?

To begin with the app worked fine the number of times I played the game. It has a clean look to it throughout, the characters are well-designed and the colour scheme of KLM blue and white gives it a pleasing feel. The background sounds go well with the game as well. However, there is only one concern as to how well the game could be played on the smaller screen of a laptop/netbook.

Within the app, there is no clear mention about what the prizes on offer are. Going by one of the posts on the timeline one of the prizes include “flights to Europe” while there is no hint of what other prizes are. Also, if KLM is giving away aforementioned big prizes it would have made sense to have a terms and conditions page. There is none whatsoever. And though the app works smoothly according to the posts by fans on KLM India’s timeline who played the game, it looks like the highest scores achieved by them do not get updated on the dashboard immediately or perhaps take a longer time.

To sum it up, it is an engaging game that also educates fans about KLM’s way of working and services. No doubt there is effort put in for its creation. The game itself lives up to the social reputation of KLM but it would have been fantastic if there was some clarity about the prizes and the mention of terms and conditions. By the way the game doesn’t seem to have been exclusively made for or by KLM India. The same contest is being or has been run on the respective KLM pages of some of the other Asian countries.

So how did you find the contest? Did it get you hooked to it? Or did something else catch your eye? Do let me know in the comments below.