Klip.in, A Social Layer On Your Online Buying [Review]

Our detailed review about Klip.in which is redefining the way you shop online by bringing in the social experience.

Shopping is a social behavior. We always wish for some more money so we could go out every weekend and check out the latest outfit or gadget. Shopping is a fun activity. Today the destination of shopping is moving onto online with the increase in the percentage of online visitors. But is it a social activity? Do we have fun in doing it even though we are promised with good deals? Not all have realized this feature but Klip.in promises to give you the same feeling.

Klip.in, which acknowledges that shopping is not at all about buying, promises to enhance your entire online experience. These words were enough for me to play around with Klip.in and see how it is redefining the e-commerce model of buying.

How does Klip.in work?

The site which uses Facebook login helps you to join the site quickly. Once you have done that, the site has clear instructions in terms of what should be done further.  As a user you can perform the following actions:

1. Shop: The site has listed categories such as Books, Electronics, Movies and Fashion for users to have a better shopping experience. If you like a product either you can choose to buy it at the same moment or you can ‘Klip’ the item. Kliping of items is nothing but making wish boards or involve in a better informed purchasing behavior. The site also provides associated content such as who are the ‘People who are having similar Klips’ or ‘The related Klipboards’ or the ‘Related Groups’. All the three options allow you to expand your network on Klip.in.

2. Trends: Trends show you what the people on Klip.in are looking for. In other words, the page tells you the most klipped, bought and reviewed product along with keeping your self updated too. Trends can be sorted by Most Klipped, Most Purchased and Most Reviewed items on the page.  Additionally, you can also buy the trending products or Klip them into your boards as shown in the below screen grab.

3. Groups: Before you make a purchase, you would always love to have a discussion or get a frank opinion from your friends who have either used it or using it. Klip.in provides that and it allows you to form groups with like-minded people and have discussions regarding it. As a user you can either create a group or join a like-minded group.

4. Leaderboard: One of the interesting features of Klip.in is that it awards active users with credits which you can redeem as discounts. Points are awarded when you do any kind of activity on the site and more the points, the higher you go on the Leaderboard.

Once you have performed some of the activities on the site, I am sure your profile must be a better one as I have now.

How good is it and can it be more effective?

I was not disappointed by Klip.in as it has made it clear from the very beginning that it is providing a social layer over your online shopping experience. So it is not a social commerce product entirely but could very well turn into one. Perhaps it can also think of taking the route of social buying with like-minded people and avail better rates. A route that has been already taken by Wishberg.

Klip.in has some good features such as Groups and Leaderboard which can be exciting going further. However, it would be great if Klip.in can fetch interests of users with the help of the Facebook API so that the associated products are shown based on their interests. This might be interesting for the users who will be likely to spend more time. Along with this, I wish that Klip.in invests on building mobile apps considering the fact that Indians are spending more time on mobile.

At present Klip.in is bit more than online shopping but it would be great if the platform provides a complete social experience to the users. After all shopping online or offline - both are social activities!