How Kitkat India Is Leveraging The ICC Cricket World Cup With Just Its Tweets

Kitkat India has brought on some creative engagement around the ICC World cup with its well planned content strategy on Twitter, one that is engaging, creative and fun to follow

As our men in blue continue to defend the cricket World Cup, brands are raking in the increased eyeballs for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Ever since the first win against Pakistan, India has been on a nonstop winning spree in all of the matches played thus far, bringing in a massive rise in match views and happy sponsors. Kitkat India, one of the broadcast sponsors for this year found the perfect occasion to promote its new premium category - the Kitkat Senses chocolate.

Available in two variants: Kitkat Senses Milk and Kitkat Senses Dark, the new chocolate is created from a slow churning process lasting 12 hours, where the finest cocoa beans are blended with specially selected ingredients to deliver a luxuriously rich and smooth tasting product that melts in your mouth.

Here’s the new TVC telling viewers to #Reconnect with their senses in this ever connected world:


Interestingly, the ‘slow churning process’ became an integral part of its promotional campaign around the ICC matches on digital. Kitkat managed to churn out some cricket with its premium chocolate while also engaging its social media community.

Slow churning #SlowIsBetter

At the onset of ICC, the chocolate brand launched #SlowIsBetter, a creative engagement contest where it asked cricket buffs to guess the slowest ball to take a wicket during the #IndVsPak match and stand a chance to win e-shopping vouchers. The campaign was run through the Kitkat India Twitter account where participants needed to use #SlowIsBetter in their tweets.

Game on with Kitkat South Africa

While this built excitement and social buzz, the day arrived for India to defend the cup against South Africa. Kitkat India sent a Game On tweet to Kitkat South Africa and what followed was a heady treat for amused fans. Both the Twitter handles reflected a playful animosity around the match while building social buzz around #MaukaMauka - the hugely popular ICC ad campaign by Star India.

Live visual commentary

The Twitter handle also indulged in some fun live commentary during the India vs South Africa match. Visuals depicted an animated Kitkat bar making happy gestures at key moments of the match.

Creative product integration

In an increasingly connected world, a chocolate brand that urges consumers to take a break as often as they can and indulge in their chocolate bar, is now shifting its message to ‘Reconnect with your senses’ for the new Kitkat Senses. Ironically, the ads were bombarded at us through our television and digital screens during the live match broadcast while the players took a break.

Kitkat India has been on its toes with a well planned engagement strategy on Twitter that brought alive the new product proposition. Besides it also weaved in cricket quite creativly while highlighting the ‘slow churning’ process. Be it ruffling up some cheekiness with its South African counterpart or sharing animated visuals, the Kitkat Twitter handle has been put to some creative use this ICC cricket season, making it highly engaging, creative and fun to follow.

As our men in blue build up the excitement in the run up to the finals, all eyes would be on Kitkat Twitter expectantly.