Kit Kat Dancing Babies TVC Crosses A Million Views On YouTube

The new TVC featuring dancing babies by Nestle Kit Kat has crossed more than a million views on Youtube


Good things happen when you take a Kit Kat break is what Nestlé makes us believe with its TV commercials each time. The Nestlé Kit Kat chocolate fingers are almost synonymous with taking a refreshing break in our mindset. And, going by the massive views on its new television commercial that has been uploaded on YouTube, the brand seems to have hit the right chords with the digitally hooked younger crowd. The TVC  features adorable dancing babies that start drumming and swaying too, while a student takes a Kit Kat break in between his lectures.

The clever concept coupled with good animation seems to have worked in Kit Kat’s favour. Ever since the TVC video has been uploaded on YouTube on the 17th of January, the numbers have steadily spiked up. Interestingly, the video was shared exclusively with the brand’s Facebook community prior to being aired on television. At present, the video has  garnered 1,626,530 views in a matter of 15 days. Breaks offer cool opportunities that you may otherwise miss, but the Kit Kat TVC compels a watch and then another one for the babies, so much so that you end up watching it several times. YouTube statistics indicate that the top demographic category are males in the 18 to 44 age group.


Kit Kat’s official Facebook page named ‘Break banta hain‘ has a whopping 1.1 million strong fan community, and it was with this community that the brand chose to reveal their dancing babies commercial prior to the TVC launch. Beginning with a Facebook update about how babies are going to take a break to donning a brand new cover page featuring one of the dancing baby, the page admins managed to create a little suspense about the upcoming TVC. Eventually, the exclusive video was shared with the fans along with image updates having text blurbs with babies taking a Kit Kat break.

We are looking at a trend that had started in the later part of 2012, wherein a Facebook community is catered with exclusive content prior to the content being distributed on all other mediums. The ‘Honey Bunny‘ commercial for Idea Cellular was introduced to the telecom brand’s Facebook community in a similar fashion. Salman Khan starrer Dabangg2‘s trailer was also shared with his 2M+ Facebook community before it was shared elsewhere.

Apparently this trend is here to stay.