#KissOfLove Facebook Page With 70K Plus Likes Gets Blocked

After chaos prevailed at the Kiss of Love event in Kochi for two hours on Sunday evening, its Facebook page has been blocked which had 70K+ likes


Update: Kiss Of Love Facebook page has been unblocked back.

Kiss Of Love – the non-violent protest against moral policing by the right wing extremest groups in Kerala is getting controversial by the day. Following the chaos and tensions prevailing in Kochi for two hours on Sunday evening after police took into custody 50-odd men and women who came to participate in the protest, the ‘Kiss Of Love’ Facebook page has been blocked.

The Facebook page (http://facebook.com/kissoflovekochi) which had more than 70K plus likes is now being directed to the home page when you click on the FB url. Besides if you share the Facebook page, you are notified that the page has been blocked – “The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe.”

According to IE, the kiss of love was floated on social media by a group of youngsters known as free thinkers, in protest against Bharathiya Yuva Morcha attack on a hotel in Kozhikode last week, alleging immoral activities. The attack followed after Congress-run TV channel telecast news about the immoral activities, showing kissing incidents. This video and attack triggered a protest on social media, that in turn led to a new protest in the form of ‘kiss of love’.

The entire Sunday protest turned into a violent event after Shiva Sena and other Right Wing supporters attacked the youth who came to pledge support for the cause.

Meanwhile we have tried to contact the Facebook page managers to get an update on why the page has been pulled. But sources say that personal images uploaded on the page might have provoked people to file complaints against it. While it has become a controversial episode in Kerala, Facebook should issue a public statement on why a certain page has been pulled down.