The New Kissanpur Film Helps Us Discover The Joy Of #RealTogetherness, Yet Again

The new Kissanpur film brings together neighbours as they discover the joys of nature and growing tomatoes in their housing complex

Kissan is back with another long-format film as part of Kissanpur, the ketchup brand’s three-year-old initiative to get people to discover the joys of nature and real togetherness. The idea of Kissanpur stemmed from the fact that today’s kids spent more time indoors and only interacted with their gadgets and digital devices.

The award winning campaign saw tomato seeds being distributed across schools and in newspapers. It arranged school contact programmes that included visits to tomato farms, horticulture education and nature trails. One could also order the tomato seeds online and experience every step of growing tomatoes in their garden.

The new 3.25 minute film is an adorable one featuring an old man and many kids. The film begins with this old guy getting into a lift packed with adults who are occupied with their smartphones: messaging, browsing, listening to music, etc. Nobody bothers to look up to him and smile.

He comes out from the lift only to witness another instance of the lack of empathy. Somebody broke the tail lights of another car but was only bothered to check the damage on his. Next he sees a couple taking a brisk walk together but both were occupied with their respective mobile phones.

A woman on her way collides with a bunch of playful children she’d missed to watch out for, as she was too occupied on her phone. Her shopping bags fall over and stuff spills out, which the old man helps in putting in again. He is also shocked at seeing nobody come forward to help. Neither does she bother to acknowledge his help.

The old man then finds a tomato shaped bottle cap lying down. He is then joined by a smart young kid and together they hatch a plan: they take the seeds and plant it along with soil obtained from the housing complex. Other kids also join them in planting and watering them.

But, it soon rains heavily and all their little saplings drown. The mother of one of the child, the same lady whose shopping bags had fallen down, now comes to their rescue. She give them new seeds. The new plants grow and later bear fruit, all the while with contribution from other society members. This time when it rains heavily, and everyone expects the plants to get destroyed, a group of men arrive with a large plastic sheet to place over the tomato plants.

Later the old man witnesses children and their parents discovering the joys of togetherness around their new tomato garden. The text blurb says, “Thanks to a little red cap, neighbours are discovering the joys of #RealTogetherness”.

A website link leads the viewer to more information about Kissanpur, and recipes for school lunch boxes. One can also buy the tomato seeds online. The new Kissanpur film is being run as YouTube pre-rolls and shared on social media. The video uploaded on the brand’s YouTube channel has raked in over 1.1 million views within four days.

Last September, Kissan had rolled out a four-minute film that offered a shocking insight into our digitally driven lives. It told the story of an urban boy named Rohan who misses playing with his parents, as they are too busy with their smartphones and laptops. It is the little red cap that triggers a series of events by way of which Rohan and his family spend happy times by growing tomatoes together. The brand initiative served as a catalyst in helping the family discover the real joys of togetherness.

Spreading #RealTogetherness

While the earlier film brought together a family, the new one is bringing together neighbours. The theme and setting remain the same with Kissanpur acting as an enabler all the way.

Kissanpur is not just distributing tomato seeds and letting people enjoy the process of growing their own tomatoes, but also setting itself apart from other ketchup brands. Its image of being ‘rooted in nature’ is being deeply established with the offline activities in schools and awareness films on digital. The storytelling is beautiful with the brand’s tomato seeds playing an active role in the journey of discovery of #RealTogetherness.

And, there’s a blogging contest this time too. Bloggers have been invited to write about what ‘Real Togetherness’ means to them and how nature can help us do something together. Blog posts need to shared with the hashtag #RealTogetherness.

However, Kissanpur can do a lot more on digital media by encouraging social media folks to go offline and enjoy nature. It can invite people to grow tomatoes at home and share their stories of having experienced real joy and how coming close to nature has helped them in their lives. It’s about time that Kissan explores social connections to spread the idea of Kissanpur, as that audience segment is far removed from nature and always immersed in the virtual space.