The New Kissanpur Digital Film Tells You Why Kids Behave The Way They Do

HUL's Kissan moves forward with the story of Kissanpur in this campaign, supported by a short film, website and social media activities to help spread the joy of togetherness

Hindustan Unilever is gradually moving towards its consumers. The FMCG giant has been consciously connecting with its consumer segment with each of its brands becoming an enriching part of our lives. In the latest on Kissan, HUL’s household name for ketchups, jams and squashes, the food brand has launched a video to revive the idea behind “Kissanpur”.

Conceived in 2012, Kissanpur emphasizes on the importance of experiencing real natural experiences. Kids are encouraged to experience nature by sowing seeds and growing real juicy tomatoes. Ketchup bottle came with a packet of seeds and a tomato-shaped cap that doubles up as a pot. Kissan arranged a contest for it and used these tomatoes to make its Kissan Tomato Ketchup, while pictures of the kids were featured on the ketchup bottle.

The 100% real campaign had also launched the ‘Kissan 100% Real Blogger’ contest that invited bloggers from the country to share their stories of having had “100% real experiences” while growing up. The winners were gratified with nature trail travel packages where they could take their children and pets too.

The recent digital film titled, “Kissanpur – Real Joy of Togetherness” carries the story forward. The nearly 4-minute-long film starts in an urban house with a little boy named Rohan playing video games, while his mother is busy on her laptop and his father is busy talking to someone on his mobile phone. Disturbed by the noise he is making and not wanting him to play, the mother snatches away his gaming console. While she returns to resume on the laptop, he finds another video game to entertain himself. When the mother snatches away this too, an infuriated Rohan slams shut her laptop and walks out.

Next he is seen sitting beside a ‘maali’ or a gardener around what looks like the building compound. Rohan returns home with his big idea. He finds the tomato seeds that came with the Kissan Ketchup bottle and plants it. The mother also starts planting some in another pot. Rohan labels his pot, but they do not talk to each other.

Soon the other pots are also labelled as ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ and the days go by but little Rohan isn’t happy. He watches anxiously over the pots day and night, till one fine day a little tomato sapling springs up in the pot, bringing a wide grin on his face. The family then takes all the pots outside and have some fun time playing in the rain.

The film ends with little tomatoes growing on the plant and the family spending quality time together with an overjoyed Rohan.

Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, the short film offers a shocking insight into our digitally driven lives today. Apart from brilliant storytelling, the film also adds on to the 100% real campaign by Kissan.

Supported by a website, the film ties up well with the digital initiatives. You can share your personal stories or take part in the contests or play virtual games on the site. Kissan has incentivised all activities to encourage more parents and kids with the Kissanpur Little Hero contest. Apart from growing tomatoes, one can also earn points by registering at the site and taking active part in the campaign. The top scorers - “Kissanpur’s Little Heroes” will get featured on the brand’s ketchup bottles.

Uploaded on the 11th of September, the Kissanpur film has already garnered more than 1.15 million views, and is being shared on the brand’s social presence too. The Kissan India Facebook page has recieved a massive engagement rate on the post sharing the film, it has been liked more than 248K times, shared by more than 69K people and has nearly 7K comments.

The brand’s Twitter page, that has just regained life after being inactive for more than a year, is inviting people to share what brings #RealJoy to them.

Sowing seeds of togetherness

The idea of Kissanpur is further strengthened with the latest campaign. The digital film powered by the website and social media manages to communicate emotionally with  parents. While laptops and gadgets rule our work weeks, the devices have slowly invaded into our weekends too. Families often sit beside each other in the living room, but are occupied with their own mobile phones. Virtual social connections have taken over real ones and that is the point of this film. To bring its consumers back to experiencing real joy - the joy of togetherness.

Emotionally stirring, the digital film is well supported by action too, one that involves joining Kissanpur and sowing the seeds of bonding with the brand. The joy of growing tomatoes in your garden is further amplified with the possibility of having your child’s picture on a ketchup bottle!

Great storytelling joins hands with a simple yet memorable campaign, what do you think?