Kissan Real Blogger Contest On Indiblogger

An article reviewing the Kissan 100% Real Blogger Contest On Indiblogger

Kissan real blogger contest

Do you have an experience that felt 100% real to you like maybe your dad reciting a bedtime story to you or a walk in the park with your grandma? Well, then you can blog about it and share it on Indiblogger too, who knows you might win something. Indiblogger, India’s most active blogger community hosts a number of fascinating contests for bloggers ever so often. Presently, they are running the Kissan 100% Real Blogger Contest where bloggers are invited to share their natural experiences while growing up or the ones they have discovered with their kids. And you stand a chance to win a three day-two night nature trail travel package for two. And if you have children or pets that you obviously can’t afford to leave behind, you can send a special request to the Indiblogger team!

Kissan Real Blogger Contest on Indiblogger

When I visited the contest details page, the clean design and clear instructions impressed upon me. What I had expected was just another blogger contest on Indiblogger or another story-writing contest on Facebook but it is not and thankfully so! Everything is flexible and every concern has been addressed. It is the first contest of this year and the thing that caught my eye first was the button for discussing the contest on the forum. When I went on to the forum, I was amazed by the warm camaraderie of the members, the healthy discussion and prompt responses by Indiblogger for all clarifications. An entire thread discussed the confusion in the contest topic whereas someone raised a question whether they can blog in regional language. Many little but important questions were raised – like if the prize can be transferred to parents as a gift or are the dates of the travel package fixed, etc. And whats more, Indiblogger is also open to suggestions for prizes!

When I left the forum, I carried away with me a feeling of strong community bonding and belongingness. It feels like watching a competition happening in your colony with the regular leg-pulling and warm words of encouragement. And the best part of this blogging contest is that it is not based on votes and thus curbs any chance of rigging.  You would be judged purely on creativity and originality. The entries are presently hidden and would be displayed on the 24th of February.

If only brands can achieve this kind of involvement, then social media could be a winner for them. In the pursuit of numbers, brands often forget to stop and listen to what their community at large is discussing.

So hurry up and put in your entries as the contest closes on the 29th of February!

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