Kingfisher To Turn Tweets Into Beer On International Beer Day

Kingfisher has launched a Twitter campaign - #DearBeerGod where it is asking tweeps to pray to the Beer God for their city to win Beer on International Beer Day.

“Beer is a love potion. Every time you take a sip, you fall in love with beer”, one of the seven moments of Beer wisdom. If you believe in the wisdom then you would definitely like what Kingfisher, India’s Premium Beer brand is doing to celebrate the International Beer Day. The brand has launched a cool Twitter campaign - #DearBeerGod which is asking tweeps to pray to the Beer God for their city to win oodles of Kingfisher Beer. The city with the maximum number of tweets as prayers wins the Kingfisher Beer valued on how much the virtual mug gets filled.

#DearBeerGod Twitter campaign

The contest that started on July 27th, 2013 is on till August 1st; to make it more interactive, the brand has launched a microsite that logs you in with your Twitter account. Once the authentication is done, you can appease the Beer God by tweeting along with the hashtag #DearBeerGod. As you tweet selecting your city, a virtual beer mug starts getting filled depending on the number of tweets. One tweet is equivalent to 1 ml of beer in the virtual mug.

Kingfisher World Beer Day

The Beer God will appear on 2nd August and select the city that has got the maximum number of tweets and the best entries from the city will be gratified with the total amount of beer contributed during the week. As I write this, the beer mug is filled with 101 ml of beer that has been possible because of 101 tweets received so far.

The site has a dashboard which allows you to see which city is leading. I wasn’t surprised to see Bangalore lead but I am vouching for Pune.  So if you want your city to win, if it is listed on the site then start tweeting and get your friends from the same city to tweet so that you get the oodles of Kingfisher Beer.

Is it appealing enough to appease the Beer God?

One tweet = one ml is a bit stingy from a brand that goes by the tag – The King of Good Times, since fetching a bottle of beer would mean that I have to tweet more than 300 times, which might turn into spam for my followers.

(Update: The brand has updated that it has changed the logic on the site to 10 ml for each tweet instead of the earlier 1 ml. (which was only for the weekend in the beta phase))

The site and the execution have been neat except the dialog box from where you share your tweets. The dialog box could have hard-coded the hashtag, as the site gives no confirmation once the tweet is delivered.

Nevertheless, another interesting way to connect with fans from a brand that has been heavily investing on building community platforms on social media. With this Twitter based campaign the brand has tried to give a spike to its Twitter presence. The contest is being promoted on both the networks – Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter the brand has been promoting about the contest bit aggressively and trying to entice tweeps to tweet for their city.

So have you appeased the Beer God for your city, if not then hurry time is running out.