Kingfisher Shows Us Which Is The Original Social Network

Kingfisher has now positioned itself as the original social network that existed much before the world had heard about Facebook or other social networking platforms


Who knew about the original social network, up until now! It’s not Orkut or Facebook, nor is it MySpace, Twitter or the likes. Yet, it rakes in the #likes and gets you new #friends after you have logged in. In fact, it also shows you what’s #trending and how to send friend requests to ‘people you may know’.

The original social network is Kingfisher. The beer brand that goes by the claim ‘King of Good Times’ has now positioned itself as the original social network that was in existence much before the world had heard about Facebook, Twitter or other social networking platforms.

Showcasing Kingfisher as the ‘original social network’, the brand has rolled out a new film featuring the actor, Sushant Singh Rajput. Designed and conceptualized by J. Walter Thompson, the film starts with Sushant walking into a nighclub and getting stamped, while a text blurb indicates its social network equivalent “Password”.

Next he is seen nodding to clubbers who are leaving, while he makes a #CheckIn. He sees a whole crowd of excited folks dancing away into the night, while the text blurb states “People you may know”. As he proceeds further he bumps into his #friends, one of them introduces him to a new friend and he begins talking to her, like sending a #Friend Request to her while she starts talking to him and the text blurb goes “#Request accepted”.

Sushant then proceeds to watch the cricket match on the big screen and when everyone cheers, the text blurb states, “#Likes”. He dances away again with new people, it goes, “#Following”, and when many more are joining in the crazy dance number, it says, “#Trending”.

Later all of them are seen spray painting “#HavingAGoodTime” on a wall alongside the Kingfisher logo, equating to #Tweet. The text blurb now states “#TheOriginalSocialNetwork”. All throughout, the Kingfisher jingle “Oo La La La Le O’ is being played.

Kingfisher has been inviting folks to join #TheOriginalSocialNetwork where the Good Times never run out. Both the Facebook and Twitter pages of the brand have been sharing interesting gifs and videos that found a social network equivalent term and Kingfisher. It tells you how to ‘share’, get likes, show appreciation, ‘Hangout’, make the right moves, be the most favourite person’ on the original social network.

In fact, the original social network is at the beach too. Watch Sushant and his friends having a good time with Kingfisher:

Good Times = The original social network

Kingfisher is one brand hellbent on doing things differently on social media and otherwise, be it creating a new font or dispensing beer from drones. The concept of a social network is truly brought alive in the new campaign, although some of the terms like #trending, #tweet looked forced to me. Nevertheless, the beer brand has done a good job with claiming this space of ‘original social network’. It aligns with the brand’s positioning as the ‘King of Good Times’.

The new face of the brand is a wise choice. Sushant is the reigning youth icon and more likely to connect with the young, social-savvy generation. I’m quite impressed with the gifs being shared on social media; they are witty, appealing and worth sharing.

But, looks like ‘the original social network’ is also gaining #Dislikes. A cursory glance at the campaign hashtag and you can see many people disapproving of Kingfisher’s new claim, calling it a ‘desperate attempt’ by the beer brand. When a brand is braving new waters, it will face some tough tides.