#KFDubsmash: Kingfisher Gets Fans To Create The Quirkiest ‘Oo la la la leo’ Dubsmash Videos

King of Good Times, Kingfisher has rolled out a Dubsmash campaign to celebrate the Good Times, by getting fans to dubsmash to the Kingfisher jingle

Kingfisher dubsmash

Slowly everyone’s being bitten by the Dubsmash bug of late. The mobile app lets one lip-synch their favourite songs or dialogues from movies to create short videos of themselves and share it on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or the messaging app, Whatsapp. One just can’t get enough of the popular Sholay dialogues, that you are treated to a variety of hilarious songs, dialogues lip-synched by smart amateurs.

Even Bollywood, usually the latecomers to any new network, has taken to Dubsmash like baby turtles to the sea. Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt and now Salman Khan have shared quite a few funny Dubsmash videos on social media. Most of them when hashtagged #dubsmashindia get featured on the official Instagram account of Dubsmash India.

With the latest trend of sharing quirky Dubsmash videos making all the noise, Kingfisher - The King of Good Times, chose to ride the Dubsmash wave sweeping the country. Today, it rolled out the country’s first Dubsmash-led campaign where fans can celebrate the Good Times by dubsmashing to the Kingfisher jingle “Oo la la la leo”.

Kingfisher is running a Promoted Trend on Twitter featuring a Oo la la la leo dubsmash created by a user. To participate download the app, look for ‘United By Good Times’ soundboard and the Kingfisher jingle, lip-synch away and share your Dubsmash video Instagram link with the hashtag #KFDubsmash on Twitter.

For the lazy ones, here’s a deal. Kingfisher has interesting giveaways in store.

Celebrating the Good Times by getting fans to Dubsmash to the Kingfisher jingle Oo la la la leo is a cool idea to engage its consumers.. Here are a few Dubsmash video entries: