Inside The Kingfisher “Good Times” Stories On Instagram

Samar Singh Sheikhawat shares how the Kingfisher Instagram account is telling ‘Good Times’ stories of real world events & experiences.

Someone wise once said about beer being proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. And happy people tend to share more of their happy experiences with their social connections. Beer thus forms a natural subject of most shares on social networks, especially the photo-sharing network, Instagram. Look for #beer, #beerporn, #beerstagram, #beerlovers, #beergasm, #beergeek on Instagram and you would see this tribe of happy people sharing their best moments of life in pictures.

For Kingfisher, the beer brand from United Breweries, Instagram was a natural progression in its journey of self-expression on social media. The brand has raked in a decent following with over 2K followers and more than 600 posts on Instagram. Interestingly, it follows close to 300 beer buffs too.

Kingfisher, that goes by the tagline, ‘King of Good Times’ couldn’t ignore Instagram, especially in a mobile first market like India. It is for this reason as well as the fact that Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms in the country and perhaps the best platform to showcase premium visual content, that the ‘King of Good Times’ dedicated itself to create ‘Good Times’ experiences for consumers.

“As a brand, our objective is to tell ‘Good Times’ stories of real world events & experiences on Instagram with the product playing an integral part of the story,” shared Samar Singh Sheikhawat, Sr. VP – Marketing, United Breweries Ltd.

KingfisherWorld, the Instagram handle of the beer brand is indeed a fascinating visual journey of the brand’s experiences both in the virtual space as well as the offline world. The Kingfisher bottles form an integral part of its content on the network.

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“Beer as a category is one of the more shared content pieces by consumers on Instagram. There are a wide variety of stories that have been created by consumers about experiences involving beer. Leveraging this reality, our approach to Instagram is to tell  stories through the lens of a beer bottle on different real world events” he said about the idea driving the content thought process for Instagram.

Kingfisher is one brand that believes in leveraging social platforms uniquely. Its Instagram usage of Grid view is well appreciated by consumers with the brand creating unique experiences using grid view for popular events. “Digital natives are always looking for unique & differentiated experiences on the platforms they consume content on every day. Through small platform innovations like the ‘grid view’ that we used during October Fest and on Beer Appreciation Day, we gave consumers something new that they would remember”.

However, Instagram videos is one area Kingfisher is yet to explore fully. Admitting an honest confession that the brand has not really explored the full potential of Instagram videos, it believes the feature needs to be used correctly.

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Sheikhawat is of the belief that the video featured should be used to showcase aspirational, fun and real world experiences that are authentic. “Using the video feature as a tool to create scripted TVC type content is definitely not an approach we look at on Instagram,” he pointed out.

Many brands have used Instagram as a content co-creation platform, but Kingfisher is yet to do that. Right now the goal is to try and build the brand channel on Instagram as a destination that showcases the best events & experiences from across world of Kingfisher through the perspective of a beer bottle. And, co-creation is also on the cards. “Without the consumer, there is no experience, so definitely co-creation of content with consumers is an integral part of the growth plan for the platform.”

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