Kingfisher Blue Mile Engages Adventure Seekers Through Social Media

Initiated by Kingfisher Blue, the Kingfisher Blue Mile is a platform to connect adventure seekers. It uses social media to connect, engage and build a social media community


Social media is the only medium that can connect the offline with the online in real time. And brands that get this emerge winners. The Kingfisher Blue Mile that concluded after a week of thrilling adventures and an adrenaline pumping experience, has also left its footprints on social media.

Kingfisher Blue, the premium beer from the house of United Breweries, targeted at the adventure loving youth had initiated the ‘Kingfisher Blue Mile’ to uniquely position the beer as well as stand out in a cluttered beer market. Seeking to serve as a platform for like-minded adventure enthusiasts to get together and experience outdoor adventure sports like mountain biking, rafting, deep sea diving, rock climbing, etc. Kingfisher Blue Mile forms a good case study.

Kingfisher Blue Mile at Andamans

This time of the year, the beverage brand had Andamans as the chosen destination. A group of fans selected after a Twitter contest were given an all expenses paid trip to explore the adventure of the Andamans. The microsite that serves as a storage for the Blue Mile adventures, captured all the action at Andamans. Once you enter, you can find menu options like Home, About Andamans, View schedule, Meet the crew and Gallery. It also provides options to share on Facebook and Twitter.


In course of the voyage, the group of six travelled through the length of Andamans, passing through some of the most desolate places, high tides and challenging weather, while also taking part in the various adventure activities that were part of the expedition. On the cards was scuba diving and kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing and even riding an elephant!

The ‘Gallery’ section displays photos and videos of the trip. When you click on the schedule, you have the option of ‘View story’ that takes you to a blog post that captures the day’s events. The Kingfisher Blue Mile blog documents all the activities at each of the Blue Mile adventures.

In addition, the Twitter page of Kingfisher also tracked and encouraged all conversations around the Blue Mile with the hashtag #KFBlueMile. The live tweets by the six participants sharing their pictures and experiences, helped connect with the online crowd. But what’s interesting is that one of the six lucky participants can now avail another opportunity to be a part of the next edition of Kingfisher Blue Mile, by penning their experience in a travelogue. The participant who writes the most talked about and interactive travelogue will be gratified by Kingfisher Blue and will be provided with a direct entry into the next edition!

Creating platforms of the future

In an interview with Samar Singh Shekhawat who is the SVP Marketing at United Breweries, Samar had mentioned that millions of fans meant nothing beyond satisfaction; the beverage brand’s social media success was focussed around creating compelling content and  increasing the engagement levels. The Kingfisher Blue Mile is just one such attempt to associate through a unique platform of an engaged and adventure seeking community. The Kingfisher Facebook page is presently going strong at 6 million+ fans while the Twitter community stands at 32K+ followers.

The dedicated microsite for the Kingfisher Blue Mile, the blog that captures day to day adventures, the gallery with pictures and videos and the regular conversations on Twitter, all together form a commendable social media strategy for the long run. One that will only position Kingfisher Blue as the beer with an adventurous spirit.