#MomentThatPopped: KIND Snacks Is Commemorating Your Best Family Moments In A Lunchbox

KIND Snacks' ‘#MomentThatPopped back-to-school campaign is inviting parents to share their best summer moments with family and will give away custom illustrated lunchboxes

kind snacks momentthatpopped

Moments capture those special memories we want to keep coming back to. So we have them printed on coffee mugs, keychains, t-shirts and now a lunchbox. Last week KIND Snacks launched a fun back-to-school campaign titled ‘#MomentThatPopped’ that is giving away a custom lunchbox designed by celebrity artist and illustrator, Rachel Ryle.

The snack maker has been asking parents to scroll through all their summer pictures with family and share the most memorable ones on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MomentThatPopped. Rachel will illustrate the winner’s ‘moment that popped’ photo onto a custom vintage lunchbox. One winner will be chosen every day of the week-long campaign.

The campaign also serves as a smart promotion of its latest innovation – KIND Healthy Grains Popped bars made with super grains popped to toasty perfection and baked with dark chocolate chunks.

In keeping with its ‘Do the KIND thing for your body, taste buds and the world’, KIND has partnered with ‘Your Golden Ticket’ – a non-profit that provides less fortunate youth with tickets to fun outings like concerts, sports games or a day at the amusement park.

The brand has shared a blog post about the campaign and also made use of its Twitter and Instagram pages to spread the word. The illustrator has also shared about the campaign in an adorable video on her Instagram page.

A video posted by Rachel Ryle (@rachelryle) on

A video has also been created for the campaign:

Back-to-school campaigns are one too many to be easily forgotten. However, KIND Snacks’ ‘#MomentThatPopped’ gives parents a good reason to remember it. Incentivizing the contest with custom illustrated lunchboxes adds to the charm and memorability of the campaign. Besides, the campaign does well to get the word out on its new popped bars, as well as stick to the brand’s vision of spreading kindness.