Khelnama, The Destination For Indian Sports

An article about Khelnama, the online destination for Indian sports

Digital news consumption in India has increased four fold. Trivone Digital Services, a digital media and content company which has been running sites like, Channel Times,, SupportBiz, etc., has launched Khelnama.comas reported by Medianama. is a one-stop destination for the Indian sports loving junta. The site covers latest news backing it with analysis too. In addition to cricket, the portal has featured sections for football, hockey, tennis, athletics, F1 and golf.


The community for sports lovers has an appealing look and the home page provides you a quick snap shot about the kind of content  the site is churning up. The home page along with ‘Most Popular Stories’ and ‘Top Lists’ has side bar widgets such as ‘Commentaries’, ‘Editor’s Pick’, ‘Pic of the day’ and ‘What’s Your Point’. ‘Commentaries’ is the section where you get insights about the sport and if Khelnama can strengthen this section then definitely the portal would attract sports lovers.

In addition to this, each sporting section such as Cricket or Football or Tennis is sub divided into several sections such as Gallery, News, Previews, Commentaries, etc. The sub section is also covering national and international events. So the one thing that can be assured is we will get a lot of news and analysis from the London Olympics 2012. The news that is being covered on the site also includes sources from IANS, Reuters, etc.

Can Khelnama do more?

The portal definitely caters to a niche and as Subu Subramanyan, Founder and CEO of Trivone Digital Services said to Medianama, the site’s coverage will focus on local sporting events at the grass root level rather than focusing on International contests. Right now I have not see much focus on local sporting events but this is a much required and good move since Indian sports is all about Cricket. Rest assured with Olympics knocking on the door, the launch has been timed right and it  gives a good chance to Khelnama to impress avid Indian sports fans.

However it would be great if the portal embeds some required features such as social buttons to spread the content, addition of 3rd party commenting platform, etc. The site could embed similar social buttons in which it has social presence and Facebook  or Disqus third party commenting platform should be the appropriate choices. Also, it would be great if Khelnama can convince sports players to write about their experiences, which would bring young sports players to the site. I am also sure that the site would add a section to the different events and tournaments being organized in different states, as this would help in building the sport’s community in India.

If you love sports and have a keen interest then do give a spin to the site and let us know your feedback in the comments. Perhaps  Khelnama will listen and implement at their end.