KFC #PlateOfHope To Fight Hunger In India By Providing Meals To Underprivileged Kids

The digital platform lets users create a ‘Plate of Hope’ with personalized messages, for every plate created, KFC will feed a hungry child

Hunger is a worldwide problem. There are an estimated 795 million hungry people around the world with India making up 194.6 million of them. Moreover, 15.2% of India’s population is malnourished, and children are affected the most. 30.7% children under 5 are underweight while 58% are stunted by the age of 2. A whopping 3000 children die every day in early infancy due to a poor diet.

KFC India has decided to put an end to this through its latest CSR initiative – ‘Add HOPE’. The company has partnered with World Food Program (WFP), Akshaya Patra Foundation and India Food Banking Network (IFBN) to provide 20 million meals to the under privileged children in India by 2020.

Consumers can also contribute by adding INR 5 to their bill, each time they visit a KFC store. Additionally, KFC employees in the 300+ restaurants around the country will also support local communities through volunteerism. A KFC ‘Add HOPE’ truck will travel across the country distributing food grains at IFBN feeding sites. At Hyderabad, the truck was loaded with food grains donated by KFC employees and Kohinoor Foods Limited.

On the digital front, the brand has built a microsite for the CSR campaign that enables people to create a ‘Plate of Hope’, in association with its agency Blink Digital. For every plate created, KFC will feed a hungry child. The steps to creating a ‘Plate of Hope’ are simple: Choose from a variety of avatars for yourself, then choose from a variety of plates and write a message. Click on ‘Add hope’ button along with your name and email id.

More than 11K plates of hope have already been added from the max 20K plates, as reported on the microsite. The ‘Gallery’ section features all the plates created by users along with their messages.

KFC India’s Twitter page has been engaging users with the #PlateOfHope hashtag, while sharing about the campaign driving users to create their ‘Plate of Hope’.

On KFC global Facebook page, the brand’s been sharing the plates created by users.

This October, the initiative saw Ogilvy Delhi conceptualize and execute a digital campaign ‘You eat, they eat.’ Three short animated films tell the story of four less fortunate children - Gopal, Gita, Pinky and Raju, who go scouting for food everyday, inside the KFC bucket. The films end with the message ‘You eat, they eat’.

Ogilvy Delhi integrated with [email protected] for the packaging innovation, where image recognition technology was used to deliver content directly to smartphones users who bought a bucket. When consumers pointed their smartphones at the bucket and clicked, they could watch the animated films.

Simple. Engaging. CSR win

Executing a CSR campaign in this social media age needs a great concept coupled with a feel-good factor. KFC’s ‘add HOPE’ has both - a noble cause that is backed by an engaging, shareworthy digital extension called #PlateOfHope. With each ‘plate of hope’ created by users on the site, KFC India has formed a close bond with its consumers, apart from feeding hungry children. The simple UI with child-like design, the option of plates and avatars along with personalized messages makes for an engaging user experience.

The animation films using image recognition technology on a KFC bucket truly sought an immediate call-to-action at a restaurant. Clever use of technological innovations can help a people powered cause like ‘Add Hope’.