Now Tweet With #KFCWishBucket For Playgrounds & Libraries For Ladakh Kids

KFC and 17000 ft Foundation has launched #KFCWishBucket to help transform the lives of children in remote areas of Ladakh by building playgrounds and libraries for them


Last Christmas, KFC gave some stiff competition to Santa through the KFC Wish Bucket campaign. Fans got an opportunity to make a wish by tweeting #KFCWishBucket followed by their ultimate Christmas wish with the top 10 wishes being granted by KFC. Here’s the video capturing the magic of #KFCWishBucket.

Following up on its success, KFC has now extended the goodness of #KFCWishBucket to help transform the lives of children in remote areas of Ladakh by building playgrounds and libraries for them. KFC has teamed up with 17000 ft Foundation, an organisation that strives to improve the education system in rural Ladakh, for this social media driven CSR initiative.

The playground and library would come alive with every tweet having the hashtag #KFCWishBucket. To make this an engaging and exciting activity for the people who are tweeting, KFC has designed a microsite with the help of its digital agency Blink Digital.

The microsite provides a real time visualisation of tweets (see picture above). As you tweet, your profile picture becomes part of the library. So with every tweet made with the campaign hashtag, a block of the virtual library gets filled with the person’s profile picture. You can see the tweets being made in real time at the bottom of the visualisation.

A tweet button enables you to share the microsite link with the hashtag to your Twitter timelines. The microsite, apart from the tweets and the visualisation, does not provide information about the initiative or the number of tweets made so far.

The initiative has, however, caught the attention of Twitter users and celebrities too, with help from the tweets being shared by the KFC India Twitter handle.

A fun CSR initiative driven by tweets

If tweets can actually give wings to the wishes of children in remote Ladakh, the campaign has achieved its objective. I only wish the microsite provided more details on the initiative, a real time counter of the tweets, and probably the amount being donated for every tweet in case it works like that. Moreover, the microsite link needs to be shared along with the hashtag for people to enjoy the real time visualisation  of tweets in the microsite. KFC India can help encourage this by actively sharing the link in their tweets.

A noble initiative like building playgrounds and libraries for Ladakh kids, needs all our support. Cool campaign by KFC India. Do join in by tweeting with #KFCWishBucket.