[email protected] - Scan Your Money To Discover KFC India’s WOW Menu

A look at KFC India's new [email protected] proposition aimed at youngsters surviving on pocket money, which works through an augmented reality app to discover the new menu.

25 me khao, kha ke bolo WOW” seems to be KFC India’s latest proposition to lure the youngsters away from McDonalds India’s ‘Happy Price’ menu at Rs.25. While McDonalds had introduced the wow-inducing Rs. 25 meals, way back with ads targeted towards all age groups, KFC has launched the Rs.25 deal targeted to the ever cash-strapped college going kids. The recently launched ad film features three drooling youngsters outside a KFC restaurant discussing about not having enough pocket money, when a message flashes over them announcing the WOW menu at Rs. 25 that includes burgers, desserts, sippers and more.

Extending this WOW factor to other mediums, KFC has brought in a WOW quiz with cool prizes, where the user has to discover the new WOW menu through an augmented reality app and answer related questions. The app that has been developed by Blink Solution is available across a variety of digital platforms like mobile (iOS and Android) and web. It scans any Indian currency note in the denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 or 500, and suggests KFC food items that users can buy with the respective money!

The Augmented [email protected] menu

The idea of reviewing anything augmented gets me all excited, so much so that I pray the app works like a dream and does not disappoint in any way. Having said my prayers, I visited the web app with a 100-rupee note I found in my husband’s wallet and hoped to discover the WOW menu. The app loaded focusing on this big ‘O’ in WOW, with a series of instructions for me to begin with.


Step 1 said to scan the note with my webcam, while ensuring the note is crisp and there is enough light, and step 2 involved me discovering the WOW menu come alive through augmented reality. Lastly, step 3 required me to take the WOW quiz with 25 questions about this new menu within 25 seconds and stand to win the grand prize of an iPad or KFC vouchers worth Rs. 500 daily. You can then submit your name and email. The app also gives you the option to select low or high bandwidth, which is nice for a country like ours.

I began with holding the 100-rupee note after allowing the app access to my webcam. The augmented thing got triggered after some time, while I was sweating it out holding the note in all possible directions and distance from the webcam. I guess that’s because the augmented thing only works for crisp notes that have the required clarity in the denomination. I was shown 3 items that I could buy within Rs. 95 which included a cold coffee, a burger and some veg crispies on the KFC serving tray, complete with paper napkins!

I then began experimenting with this smart app. A 20-rupee note could buy me a pair of soft serves while a 10-rupee crumpled note refused to trigger the app at all. Wanting to try out more denominations, I searched for crisp notes but couldn’t find any in my wallet either.

The app has options to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter too.

Does [email protected] really make you go wow?

At first impression, the @25 price is indeed attractive to youngsters that survive on pocket money. In fact, it is also attractive to the reigning middle class family conscious about price and India has a large population of these. If the price is inclusive of taxes, then [email protected] could kickstart KFC in India but let’s just focus on the social media promotions for now. It is good to see the 2.7 million strong Facebook community of KFC India being invited to solve the WOW quiz on their smartphones or the web, along with the nearly 3K followers on KFC Twitter.

But, what I really liked is the addition of augmented reality to the promotions. It was also done well in terms of the design, the execution and the thought given to having both low and high resolution. Besides, making it available on android as well as iOS along with having a web app, will help it get discovered by more. Another amplifying factor is the Facebook and Twitter sharing options on the app. However, there is one tiny setback - youngsters cannot be expected to have crisp notes at all times!

So, have you played the WOW quiz? Do let me know your experience with  it.