KFC India Launches Fiery Grilled Campaign

KFC India Launches Fiery Grilled Campaign

‘Agli baar aisa nahi hona chaiyeh’ have you checked out KFC India’s new commercial that is doing the rounds on the idiot box as well as on my timeline. Well if you haven’t then here you go:

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 Along with the present palate of finger licking items, KFC is all set to launch it’s first grilled product in India- ‘Fiery Grilled’. KFC is betting big time on Fiery Grilled and has launched a 360 degree marketing campaign including online, radio, television, outdoor, etc. Dhruv Kaul, Director- Marketing KFC, India had add this:

“Introduction of the new grilled format is in line with our commitment to keep offering innovative and tasty products to our customers. We successfully expanded our offering with the launch of a whole range of vegetarian options and beverages; and now with grilled chicken, we have further strengthened our menu. Fiery Grilled is high on flavor and spices, and we are confident that it will appeal to existing KFC fans and those new to the great taste of KFC. Fiery Grilled is the biggest launch for us this year and will be supported by a robust 360-degree marketing campaign including a thematic TVC, online, radio activations, outdoor, etc.”

 KFC India Fiery Grilled Facebook campaign

Meanwhile the campaign has made fans of the social media world fiery too. The KFC India Facebook page has started a new competition for its fans. So if you lick your fingers while having KFC then this is a contest for you my friend as you could be the lucky winner to have free KFC Fiery Grilled chicken for a year. Yes you have read it right! KFC plans to select 25 winners who would get Fiery Grilled for a month and 10 winners will get for a year.

Facebook Contest

So Click on ‘Continue’ and you are asked to record a small video and express why you should be given free KFC Fiery Grilled Chicken. So go on record your video and call for your lady luck.

KFC India Fiery Grilled IndiBlogger campaign

Apart from the Facebook campaign, KFC India did a smart move in tying up with Indiblogger. Initially KFC India was distributing free coupons for Indiblogger users however it was for a restricted number. The second ongoing campaign challenges your blogging skills. So if you are a blogger or have a writing knack or you just like KFC then it’s a great opportunity to give a try.

IndiBlogger Contest

 You need to blog about an event where your sharp mind and fiery tongue got you out of a sticky situation. Similar to the TVC developed by Ogilvy & Mather and shared above in the post. If you really could share some sticky situation where you fired and saved yourself then you could win some cool Croma vouchers. To know more check here. Hurry the contest closes at midnight on the 12th January, 2012.

Personally I vouch for the KFC Fiery Grilled campaigns for the following reasons.

1. The campaign is well planned and the objective is synced well with all mediums.

2. Tying up with Indiblogger is a master stroke as it is India’s biggest blogging community. Rewarding bloggers, letting them share their stories with an inline brand message is really cool.

3. The Facebook contest is simple and sticks to the objective where the brand is asking fans to express their thoughts on the Fiery Grilled and why should they be given for free. Great way to excite fans which will invariably lead to word of mouth.

However the Facebook contest has couple of problems that I witnessed.

1. It is open for all and not just for fans. So even if I am not a fan, I can opt for the contest. I would have liked it if it was exclusive for fans at least that is where you are asking non members to become fans.

2. The Facebook Fiery Grilled app doesn’t work if you have kept secure browsing on. So to make it work, I had to switch off the security setting which is not at all cool.

One can’t snatch the credit of the amazing campaign for the couple of problems but must say a well planned product launch and a campaign worth watching. Engagement has been massive on the Facebook wall and Indiblogger but will try to get real numbers if the brand is ready to share other than the likes and comments numbers.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section about the KFC India Fiery Grilled campaign and let us know how fiery are these KFC Fiery Grilled chickens 🙂

Source: Best Media Info