KFC India Promotes Krushers With Fan Generated Facebook Graphic Novel And Interactive YouTube Channel

A look at the social media efforts by KFC India for Krushers promotions - Facebook app where fans can create their own graphic novel and an interactive YouTube channel to experience the Krushers effect.


KFC seems to be on a social media ride in the country. With cool digital campaigns that are youthful and appealing to the social savvy teenager, the quick service restaurant brand is on its way to being social. Adding to the bevy of digitally driven campaigns by KFC is the new app on its Facebook page where fans can create their own graphic novel and be the superhero too. Also, an interactive video on the brand’s YouTube channel lets viewers experience the effect of having a KFC Krusher.

There are cool incentives too - the best graphic entry for each novel will win an Xbox 360, in addition to daily prizes of KFC vouchers worth Rs. 500 and a printed edition of their graphic novel. So go on, make your very own graphic novel using your own photos and dialogues.

Create your KFC Krushers Komic on Facebook

Hosted on a Facebook app that is temptingly titled as ‘Win an Xbox 360’ instead of ‘Create your own Komic’, the campaign welcomes you with a comic book feel and sound. Yes, the app is animated with a background sound too. The best part is that you can create your comic even without liking the page!

Once you start, the app provides a menu with Instructions, Gallery and Winners. I always look at the gallery to see graphic novels created by others, but sadly it did not load for a long time, after which I returned to the home page. You can check out the winners till date and what they have won in the Winners tab. Instructions as the name suggests, gives the required steps accompanied by visuals.


First you ‘Select a story’ from a given set of 2 stories - one featuring a male superhero and the other a female. There are two more stories but these are not yet available to choose. Next, the app takes your pictures for the graphic story - a front profile and two side profiles each. You have the choice to click a picture from a webcam, or upload a picture from your system or select from your Facebook profile pictures. There are tools to alter the size and rotate your photo, as per an example profile given in the app.

Next, you have to answer a set of interesting questions like ‘What your friends call you, what describes you best, the soundtrack of your life and what would you say in a now or never situation, along with which version of Krusher is your favourite.

The smart app will do the rest. Sit back and watch your story take shape in cool action photos and dialogues given by you. Finally, submit by providing a title to your superhero story, along with your personal contact details.

Experience Krushers on interactive YouTube

Though you’d love to taste your favourite KFC Krushers, that’s not possible on the interactive YouTube channel. But it will definitely tempt you to go try one at the nearest KFC. Two students - a boy and a girl are supremely bored at a library, which strangely, has dispensers for three versions of the Krushers. You need to drag any of them towards the bored people to then experience what effect the Krusher has on them. Three flavours - Virgin Mojito, Strawberry Smoothie and Choco Lash, with two people creates 6 interesting stories each.


KFC targets the youth again

With the Krushers promotions, KFC has yet again showcased its cool social media strategies. Letting Facebook fans create their own graphic novels starring them as a superhero, is sure to get the target group interested. While the brand comes across as social savvy, it also rings in the message of Krushers being a ‘cool’ drink to hang out with. This is probably a first in the industry where fans can create their graphic novels through a Facebook app, but there have been quite a few campaigns in the past that did use fan photos to create stories on Facebook. The interactive YouTube channel is not a first though. We’ve seen quite a few YouTube campaigns designed around user interactivity of late.

Besides, the layout and design of the app is neat and makes for a good user experience. You can also navigate easily on the app, with helpful instructions and T&Cs. However, the entries featured in the gallery refuse to load at all. Also, the app could have been a ‘like’ one to ensure fan growth too, but that is not too much to worry about with KFC India’s 3.8 million Facebook fans!

KFC’s social media efforts are always exciting. Be it with the ‘Design your own bucket‘ last year where fans could design their own KFC buckets featuring themselves, or the ‘Currycature‘ campaign to introduce the new spicy curry flavoured chicken. In fact, KFC also tried its hand at augmented reality with [email protected], through which one could scan currency notes on the app and be shown the menu items that can be bought with it.

Impressive, creative and well targeted campaign that is sure to make you go Krushers! Do give it a spin and share your experiences with us.