Radio KFC Hunts For RJs Through Facebook

About the RJ hunt on Facebook by Radio KFC which is a branded channel playing a mix of international music in KFC stores


KFC India is on the hunt for RJs on Facebook for Radio KFC, a branded channel playing a mix of international music in KFC stores.

Since revamping this year from “Finger lickin’ good” to its global tagline ‘So Good’, KFC India has been running this message on all mediums. Through the contest ‘Design your own bucket‘ on Facebook, KFC had invited consumers to design their own ‘So Good’ bucket, where fans could design a limited edition bucket which would be available at the stores for two months. In addition, all KFC outlets were fitted with Radio KFC, a branded channel playing a mix of international music in the store.

The quick service restaurant that has always been social, is now giving its fans the opportunity to be an RJ on Radio KFC by auditioning their RJ demos on Facebook through a perfectly designed app.

About the Radio KFC RJ hunt Facebook app

I fell in love with the design at first sight - it is a retro music recorder complete with record, play and pause and quite intuitive to use. In addition, the hunt has cool incentives - daily winners get KFC food coupons worth Rs. 500 and the ultimate winner gets a Sennheiser headset and a chance to host a show on Radio KFC!

You can record your introduction through the app and add some fun to it. There is a choice of background scores in Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and House. You can also add sound effects like applause  bells, etc. Play the demo and if you like it, submit it. The app will then ask your name and email and whether you agree to the Terms & Conditions. The T&C document is displayed only at this stage and not anywhere on the app.

In addition, if you are unable to record, you can do so at the toll free number provided on the app too. Besides, there is a gallery at the top with the best auditions up for voting. You can give them a listen and vote for them. Beside the Gallery is Mashup where KFC will create a mashup from all the submitted entries. This is empty right now.

The mode of judgement is a combination of Facebook votes and talent. Every day the panel of judges will select one best entry who will win the food coupon. And the final 3 winners would be chosen based on highest number of votes received on Facebook along with selection from the panel.

How cool is it?

Brands have been crowdsourcing even before but only now these are more visible and cannot escape the regular digizen. I’m quite impressed with this initiative by KFC to hunt for RJs amongst its Facebook community. It carries the same essence as of ‘Design your own bucket’ and helps build bonds. Two benefits come at once to my mind - a) the brand creates advocates by giving ownership to its community, and b) it positions itself as the chosen brand for the youth by engaging through their choice of social network - Facebook. This also helps KFC in competing to appeal to the college crowds that are low on allowances and need a hygienic alternative to the college canteen!

It is a great concept and I just love the Radio KFC RJ hunt Facebook app. This is not the usual ‘like’ campaign but an initiative that has been chalked out for the long term. Like I mentioned earlier, I fell in love at once with its ‘retro music recorder’ look. Also, there was nothing that disturbed me in terms of design or execution or user navigation. I give the app full marks for both ‘Design & Execution’ and for being ‘Bug-free’. The makers of this campaign seem to have spent a long time on the drawing board.

The contest is on till the end of this month, so all you aspiring RJs out there, do give it a shot and have your own show running at a KFC outlet near you!