Set Your Selfie On Fire With The KFC Flaming Selfie AR App

For the KFC Flaming Crunch chicken launch campaign on digital, the QSR brand has created a Flaming selfie AR app that lets fans click flaming hot selfies

KFC flaming selfie

The hotter the chilli, the spicier the chicken! Following a massive hunt for the hottest chilli in India, quick service restaurant brand KFC India found it in Assam – the Bhut Jolokia, one of Assam’s naturally grown chillies. The food brand has introduced the new KFC Flaming Crunch chicken with a unique recipe prepared with Bhut Jolokia, thus adding a piping hot and spicy variety to the standard KFC menu.

For an experience of the hot new flavour, the brand has launched the KFC Flaming Crunch campaign on digital. Interestingly, it involves taking ‘flaming hot’ selfies through an augmented reality app!

KFC has thrown the ‘Flaming Selfie’ challenge to its fans. An augmented reality (AR) Facebook app has been created on the KFC India Facebook page by digital agency Blink Digital. Fans can set their selfie on fire, the fierier the selfie the better his/her chances to win. KFC is giving away vouchers to the best flaming shot.

I just had to try the app, although I’m not a fan of really spicy fried chicken but AR apps are always fun. The KFC flaming selfie app was a fun experience – you get into the Facebook app, switch on your camera and voila – you are in flames!

If you like that, the app provides an option to click your ‘super hot’ selfie. You can then choose to submit it or share it with your social connections.

KFC flaming selfie AR app

That’s me in flames even as I laugh out fire. The app sometimes just burnt me; my selfie was in all black while there were flames all over my face and hair. A very scary user experience indeed!

kfc flaming selfie app

KFC has shared the selfie app on its Facebook and Twitter pages, while also promoting the new Flaming Crunch flavour.

A selfie campaign with a twist

It is clear that KFC Flaming Crunch chicken wants to position itself as the most hottest fried chicken in the KFC menu. So how does one go about doing that? “Selfies” are the trend on social networks (2014: The Year Of The Selfie Campaigns In India) so adding a little flaming twist to the simple selfie seems like a good idea for a launch campaign on digital. The augmented reality works just fine as with a brand that has experimented with many an AR Facebook app in the past.

However watching myself on fire was a bit unsettling sight to see. Businesses in the food and beverages sector need to pre-approve visuals or any other visual experiences its consumers are going to have, prior to a campaign launch. Not all user experiences are pleasant and this one is giving me a ‘scary’ recall for the Flaming Crunch flavour!

Perhaps it has gone overboard in tying up the flaming selfie campaign but I hope I’m the only one affected. Do share your views too.