Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS) Joins Facebook

The post is about Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS) venture into Facebook and a review of its social media presence

Kerala State AIDS Control Society that plays a vital role in the state’s strategy for combating HIV/AIDS epidemic has decided to create awareness via social media, as reported by TOI.

This year has seen a proliferation in government agencies adopting social media in a bid to increase their reach and awareness. In a recent move, the Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS) formed to implement the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) in the state, has joined the social media bandwagon. KSACS plays an important role in combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Kerala and having identified new target groups existing in the upper layers of society, is now trying to reach out to them through social media. KSACS has started with a Facebook page since June but interestingly, the page has not been linked to its website yet.

About the KSACS Facebook page

I was captivated by the cover photo at first glance. Brilliantly simple and brings home the point.

KSACS cover photo

Next was the About section filled with complete information about the society right up to its contact details. Content shared on the wall is more pictorial and less text with topics within context – creating AIDS awareness and sharing the latest updates from the society. Engagement is nil but this can be attributed to the page being fairly new. Currently, there are 8 fans which will only improve with time and growing awareness.

About the KSACS Twitter page

It is interesting to note that KSACS also has a Twitter account though inactive since 2010. And the inactive Twitter account has been displayed on the website, which is not a good practise. With 2 tweets in 2009 and 5 in 2010, it is clear that KSACS wasn’t ready for the platform. The Twitter account does not follow anybody but is being followed by 75 followers, of which most are relevant to KSACS. In addition to this, even basic information like a display picture, bio, etc. was missing.

How can KSACS improve its social media presence?

Brands, NGOs and SMEs are usually juggling between fulfilling their objectives and sharing it on social media, both of which are equally important to their survival. KSACS needs to spend some time in understanding social media and the ways to leverage it keeping it aligned to its objective. Social media can indeed do wonders for KSACS, provided they play an active role in it. They could begin by displaying their social media presence on the website but start with only the ones they are active on. Some of the things they could improve upon, apart from this are:

Facebook: Social networks like Facebook thrive on stories and KSACS can use the timeline feature of Facebook brand pages for story telling. The images that were being shared were not aligned properly to the timeline and lack useful content too. In addition to this, frequency matters since Facebook is a social place first and then a place for brands to engage. For example, the page has five posts on 19th June and after that the page has been left abandoned. KSACS should post 3 to 4 posts every day, spaced equally throughout the day. The content that is posted should be useful and give a reason for fans to come back to the page.

Twitter: Twitter is a beautiful tool. You can easily connect, converse and build a growing community. KSACS should firstly give a complete introduction of itself by filling in the required details like display picture, Bio, website and place. It could then begin by connecting with its followers, influencers, etc.

In addition, KSACS should start a blog as well. This will help KSACS have a more opinionated stand on its cause and give a shape to its story.

By entering the social media space, KSACS has indeed started on the right foot and will succeed in its objective of reaching new target groups. What do you think?