Keep It Simple And Relevant On Facebook Says Rajat Kulshrestha, CEO Of PlayUp India

Keep It Simple And Relevant On Facebook Says Rajat Kulshrestha, CEO Of PlayUp India

Indians are mad about two things one is Bollywood and the other is Cricket. When PlayUp India revealed in its press release that it is India’s No. 1 mobile generation sports entertainment company to register the highest numbers of user base of 1 million on Facebook, the news wasn’t a shocker to me. We had covered PlayUp India some time back and that gave me a feel of their work as a sports entertainment company and as a brand on Facebook too. Cricket has been the main theme that they have stuck with but with amazing content, interesting questions, amazing online games and free goodies has kept its fan base increasing.  With an active daily user base of 0.3 million, PlayUp has a very active and engaging company too.

Social games is one of the trending topics along with Ecommerce in India this year and we thought that this would be a great time to get in touch with PlayUp India. Rajat Kulshrestha, CEO of PlayUp India was very cool enough to answer our questions which is shared below:


Rajat Kulshrestha

1. A million fans on Facebook that makes PlayUp, India’s first mobile generation sports Entertainment Company to do so. Do you want to sum it up in few words, Rajat.

It’s been a fantastic response following up from our success over World Cup. Our vision has always been to offer sports fans an opportunity to connect and engage with their favorite sport (in this case cricket). Most sports sites predictably did/do what they know best i.e. editorials and fixtures. We wanted to move away from this model and let the interactions between fans power /fuel our platform and community.


2. Building a million fans in a short span of 3 months is not easy. With this you claim to have an active daily user base of 0.3 million. What has been the basic strategy in terms of Facebook fan engagement?

Keep it simple and relevant. Fans want to be heard and engaged through a spectrum of sports products and activities. Our FB apps and games are casual, fun & interactive, we do multiple posts a day to ensure we tap into the ‘feel factor’ of our community, this helps us moderate and drive new product ideas for engagement.


3. Off late we have seen the trend that games are being developed on Bollywood movies. What is your take on it and is PlayUp India going to follow the same path?

Entertainment, specifically cinema is a huge opportunity for the local game industry. You can see the success of games such as Tomb raider, Matrix, Madagascar etc to get a sense on the size of this opportunity. What hasn’t been explored yet, is social gaming through the lens of Bollywood. Playup’s focus is purely on sports and fans, so cinema is not really our domain.


4. A million fans, now what? How do you plan to carry this ahead and what are the challenges that you foresee in social gaming and Facebook.

A few million more!, we have just touched the tip of the iceberg. There are 35 million FB users in India, who need to get connected with our proposition and engagement opportunities. We foresee more exciting products in the genre of social games and so the challenges will be to distinctly differentiate our platform as the social network/community for sports fans.


5. Social Games is one of the areas that are getting quite spicier this year. Where do you see PlayUp India?

We are only about sports and all our offerings fan centric and social. We believe that within 12 months we will be the premier sport based social & mobile game studio in this region.


Rajat, I am sure the way you have captured a million fans in 3 months a few more won’t take long.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and we are positive that social gaming will take a huge leap in India.