How Kaya became ‘THE’ preferred brand in laser hair removal while engaging with younger consumers

Case study by Kaya where it engaged with youngsters to stay as preferred brand of choice in Laser hair removal across markets, submitted under the category: Best Brand Building Campaign – B2C for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017

Kaya Skin Clinic

The Client

Kaya Ltd started its journey on 27th March 2003 and is now present across India and the Middle East. Kaya has 3 formats namely – Kaya Skin Clinic, Shop-in-shop formats that retail Kaya products and Kaya E-commerce. Understanding the emerging need of desiring to looking good, naturally, the first Kaya Skin Clinic was opened in December 2002 and now offers personalized skin & hair solutions by over 140 expert dermatologists in 27 cities with over 100 clinics across India with more than 8,00,000 satisfied customers.

The Agency

Schbang Digital Solutions is a Mumbai-headquartered integrated solutions agency founded in 2015 by Harshil Karia, Sohil Karia & Akshay Gurnani.

Schbang now has a team of 120 members and offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. ‘The Whole Shebang’ is a colloquial phrase. Schbang, is a testament to the fact that an agency should help the client see completeness. The founders strongly believe that it is their job as agency partners to be able to help brands converge all mediums.

In the last few years the young Schbangers have done some exciting and award winning digital work for brands like BBlunt, Good Knight, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Kaya, Nirav Modi, Asian Paints, Finolex Pipes, Lodha Group, JetPrivilege, HayGroup, and many more brands.

Problem Statement

Kaya is the market leader in Laser hair reduction with a market share of around 25% and is also one of the preferred brands of choice for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is also the key recruiter category for Kaya and a way to get younger consumers to start their journey with Kaya. The challenge was that Kaya was slowly becoming a commoditized service with a plethora of smaller players offering it. The challenge being the market leader was to continue to grow the category further, make Kaya ‘THE’ preferred brand of choice in Laser hair removal across markets and engage with the customers in a way that they rely and put trust in the brand.

Identified Objectives

It was important to translate the need segments to relevant situations to connect better with the target group. The aim was to identify and associate with moments of truth in customers’ lives where smooth, hair free skin is relevant. Collectively, the objective was to bring alive the benefit of being always ready for any situation.


Kaya Mascot – An animated character helped to make it more fun & contemporary

  • Used a relatable, approachable character ‘Annie’ to communicate our TG’s struggle with body hair. She faced the same struggles with body hair like most women
  • Positioned Kaya as an expert friend and guide for everyone like Annie
  • We showcased Annie in different situations. Each situation depicted how she was always ready for every event. Thus, leaving audiences intrigued about the reason.
  • To further increase curiosity, we hosted an activity on all digital platforms asking audiences to guess her secret which did exceptionally well on Instagram.


  • We added a hashtag to amplify the messaging – “With Laser Hair Reduction you can wish wear flaunt anytime anywhere. Your wish is your own command. If you wish to wear shorts everyday, wear it and flaunt it. No more hassle with Laser Hair Reduction.  No more being hung up on what to wear when you have an unplanned date or a girls night out, don’t think twice before wearing a sleeveless or that skirt you got few months ago.”

Blogger Association

  • Our Blogger Collaboration was bifurcated into 3 Phases in order to build curiosity, interact & engage with the audiences
  • Bloggers like Akanksha Redhu, Gia Kashyap, Lisha Bhatta, Ritcha Verma joined us in a movement to drop the hassle of body hair removal
  • They discarded their hair removal essentials like razors, wax strips, epilators and said goodbye to painful methods of hair removal
  • Their posts built curiosity among audiences and left them wondering why
  • The Bloggers then visited Kaya Skin Clinics for the Laser Hair Reduction and shared their journey with their audiences

  • Because they availed the Laser Hair Reduction, they could #WishWearFlaunt their favourite outfit anytime, anywhere
  • They also encouraged their followers to join in the movement and discard their hair removal essentials and share their video with us. Lucky winners will be given Kaya Discount vouchers worth Rs.1500 on the Laser hair Reduction treatment

  • Bloggers also visited Kaya Skin Clinics to avail the Laser Hair Reduction and revealed that this was why they were discarding their hair removal essentials earlier

Comedian Association

  • Onboarded Sumukhi to target women through events such as comedy nights
  • Since hair removal is very personal we wanted to give a comic twist to the subject
  • It was a fun way to deal with routine problems like hair removal and Kaya was drew many eyeballs

Created relatable content for women between the age of 25-35 years by focusing on various functional pegs like “That Time of the Month” etc. Special media targeting for young women was done using relevant tags and ad words. The success was viewed through our Facebook audience analytics.

As waxing was the most search word followed by laser or permanent removal, we created content around waxing by talking about the hassles of waxing and bringing out the advantages of Laser Hair Reduction through our blogger and comedian association.

Cost is the largest inhibition factor preventing Laser adoption so we educated customers by busting common myths about Laser Hair Reduction costs through Twinterviews and Myth Busting content pegs. As the second largest point of concern is safety and there are different myths associated with side effects of laser, we emphasized on on the state-of-the-art technology used by Kaya through functional posts.



  • We should focus on interactive and informative posts across all platforms to increase conversation.
  • GIFs work exceedingly well as seen in the best performing post on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Contests on Twitter have seen high engagement and have contributed to a high follower growth this month. We suggest doing 1 contest per week so as to maintain the high levels of engagement, but also to attract the right followers.
  • Asking questions to customers leads to good engagement.
  • A video length of less than a minute is ideal for Video Ads
  • Since a huge percentage of audience, scrolls past our Video ads in the first 10 seconds, we should have the branding within the first 5-6 seconds
  • Facebook as a platform gives the video the reach it deserves. However YouTube being a video viewing platform encourages more view completions.
  • Category showed 18% growth in June-July 2017-18 (year on year)