Katrina Is Happily Biting A Bottle Of Tropicana Slice In New Ad

Katrina's legendary love for Slice has become the butt of jokes and internet memes, the new campaign in which she is biting the bottle is only going to push more jokes

Mangoes and hot summer days are made for each other. In a tropical country like India, summers bring with them the urge to have more candies, sweet beverages, cooling drinks, and so on. But the most popular of them all are mango drinks. Although available throughout the year, these drinks often advertise themselves as a substitute for mango juice. Now one brand has actually proclaimed itself a mango.

Tropicana Slice from PepsiCo that has actress Katrina Kaif as its brand ambassador, who is always drooling over the mango drink bottle, and looking to steal them from a farm, is now happily eating a bottle of Tropicana Slice. So fascinated is she with her Tropicana Slice mango in the new commercial.

Conceptualized by JWT, the 40-second spot starts with a stunning looking Katrina seated at a restaurant. No, she isn’t in her usual sensuous avatar, but is working on her laptop wearing spectacles, a white shirt and a ponytail!

A waiter is seen bringing her a bottle of Tropicana Slice and then begins the purest mango indulgence you’ve ever seen. She begins to eat the bottle, and just as you would be eating a mango with the juice dripping from your lips, Katrina is lost in her mangolicious experience with juice flowing from her lips and through her fingers. Other people at the restaurant are so tempted after watching her that they too order for the same, while Katrina has a good laugh.

The new tagline: “Har ghoont ras bhara aam” has taken the idea of mango indulgence too graphically.

‘Every sip feels like biting a mango’ has been translated graphically and how! The ad has raked in a decent number of views on the brand’s YouTube and Facebook pages, and maybe even trigger some new Katrina-Slice jokes. The social media pages of the brand are sharing the ad film and indulging in some fun engagement. The tone of communication is youthful, friendly and more about the mangolicious nature of the product.

From sensuous to playful

Katrina’s new corporate avatar is a refreshing take for the mango drink brand that portrayed the actress and brand ambassador always finding immense pleasure in her Slice mango bottle. Earlier the brand indulged in Katrina’s sensuality to promote its mango drink, but the times have changed. Even hardcore deodorant brands have long abandoned the sensuality aspect, and are now injecting some fun into their brand.

Moreover, Katrina’s legendary love for Slice has become the butt of jokes and internet memes. The brand’s 2014 campaign was a Slice SvayAAMvar where Katrina gets to select the best mango of the three new flavours!

Slice, that became Tropicana Slice last year is PepsiCo’s best bet against Coke’s Maaza, the market leader and Parle Agro’s Frooti. While Frooti has completely rebranded itself from being a kid’s mango drink to one that’s loved by all age groups, via the extensive marketing campaign ‘The Frooti Life’ with a playful Shah Rukh Khan as its face, Maaza is all about some crazy, Bollywood-scripted ads. Slice’s slight shift from a sensuous Katrina to a playful one looks like the brand is taking a leaf from Frooti, and trying to inject some mischief into Slice.

The problem, however, lies with the fact that Indians are so used to having Maaza as their liquid mango fix, that despite Katrina biting the Slice bottle, it still cannot register as a ‘mango’ in our minds.