Kashmir Tourism Raises The Bar On Social Media

Kashmir Tourism has created an extensive presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Slideshare and is engaging extensively on all platforms


Tourism is an industry that can explore social media to great lengths. The odds increase when the tourist destination is a place like Kashmir. Kashmir Tourism, an initiative of Kashmir Mart from 2004 is registered under the Directorate of Tourism, Govt of Jammu & Kashmir. The objective of Kashmir Tourism had been helping tourists to find the best and cost-effective tour and travel packages. In addition to this, the initiative has created an expansive presence on social media with accounts on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Slideshare too.

Kashmir Tourism Facebook

The usage of social media presence has been the highlight of the Kashmir Tourism. With more than 600 fans the page has done justice to its fans. The content is not only beautiful but also showcases a good content mix aligned to the objective. The page activity has been encouraging even with less support from the community.

Twitter has been an aggressive medium for Kashmir Tourism. With more than thousand followers, the Twitter handle is not only tweeting some interesting content but is also indulging in conversations. Social networks like Pinterest and Slideshare have been effectively used too. With more than 135 pins on their Pinterest board the presence is really good. The boards are a delight to go through and would be a delight for any traveller.

However, it would have been a great idea if a blog could have been tied with the Pinterest account so that travelers could have more information and in a way also connect to Kashmir Tourism. In addition to this, a beautiful presentation of Ladakh has been shared which has got more than 635 views. A commendable use of a platform like Slideshare that has the right target audience who would be excited to discover more about Kashmir.

Jumping onto the social media bandwagon by different state tourism departments has been the trend for some time now. Earlier we had shared how Rajasthan Tourism is being promoted on social media and same was the case with Goa Tourism, where students of Goa Institute of Management where cheerleading the initiative. With respect to the others, Kashmir Tourism has not only created a presence on social media but also doing justice to all the networks.

An awesome effort indeed!