Karthi Marshan On How Social Media Has Evolved At Kotak Mahindra Bank [Video]

Karthi Marshan, Executive Vice President & Head Group Marketing at Kotak Mahindra Bank shares how over the years Kotak has evolved on social media


Kotak’s journey on social was a much more watchful and thought out initiative, informed  Karthi Marshan, Executive Vice President & Head Group Marketing at Kotak Mahindra Bank. “Like most marketers we were also like the deer in headlights. While likes and others things were sold to marketers we refrained ourselves from buying that but we did not want to sit out too.”

Sharing more about the journey, Karthi told me that to begin with the team along with partners built a Facebook kind of a social network only for Kotak people. The platform was launched on the 25th year celebration of Kotak, the idea was to replicate the intranet and get people talking about likes and dislikes. While the network built was not that great like Facebook but it gave a platform for employees to have conversations. Karthi shared that the most popular thread was “How people got recruited at Kotak.”

The second interesting experiment Kotak did was with the social road trip. The trip started in Chandigarh with two guys on a bike finding out how the meaning of money has changed in the country. The riders stopped at different places, shot videos finding out answers for the question and subsequently all the content was uploaded on YouTube, shared via blogs and other social networking sites. The road trip ended in Bangalore.

Another major investment Kotak has done on social is using Twitter for customer service. The returns have been positive. Karthi informed me that while there is a lot to do on connecting and serving customers via social media, the journey has been a good one.

Click on the video to find out some more social media driven initiatives and  interesting learnings Kotak has had over the years: