How Marketing Has Evolved Today - Karthi Marshan, Head Marketing Kotak Mahindra Group [Video]

Karthi Marshan, Head of Marketing at Kotak Mahindra Bank shares his thoughts on how marketing has evolved in today social and digital times.

“The magic of typing 140 characters, not having to seek any body’s permission but to tell the whole world who is following you, and that taking its own shape and taking it forward is very exciting,” said Karthi Marshan while having a conversation with LI from one of Kotak’s branches in Mumbai.

The Executive Vice President & Head Group Marketing who has been with the Kotak Mahindra Group for more than 8 years now, finds digital very exciting since every day the medium throws up new challenges.

In this first part of his conversations with LI, he talks about what’s keeping him busy, his thoughts on his interesting professional growth and how marketing has evolved in today’s digital and social times.

Kotak, being a challenger brand with nearly a thirty year legacy, keeps Karthi excited at his end. “We have legacy and heritage, at the same time we behave as if we are new kids in the block.”

The IIM Bangalore pass out wanted to be a novelist when he was in school but at the core he always had an urge to improve his skills in communications and to use it as a tool - a feature that has been there as a shadow throughout his career. He started up as a copywriter, stayed in the advertising and content world, braved as an entrepreneur and then became a marketing man in the banking and financial sector. “It has been a very interesting journey so far, I am proud of Sharekhan as an entrepreneur and its been eight years in Kotak, it is still keeping me excited and busy,” shared Karthi.

On being asked how marketing has evolved in today’s times, Karthi shared the story when during his management days email was a new and privileged possession. When he started working he saw the FAX and STD telephone devices kept in a safe locked with a key to today where he sees every milkman with a mobile in his hands and the power to read, view and  express himself to the world. “The journey has been fantastic, certainly for people of certain vintage like me, for us the challenge is much greater. One of the big problems that we have today is that everything that we were experts for last twenty years, suddenly means next to nothing,” he said.

Expressing his views on the challenges the present time throws Karthi pointed out that, “Suddenly we are required to learn something new most of the time. To keep pace and keep learning like a youngster is really a demanding challenge.”

Click on the video to watch and listen to some more very exciting and candid thoughts from Karthi Marshan.