Why Is This Digital Agency Considering Measurement The Biggest Boon Of Digital As a Bane

Karl Gomes, Founder at Fanatics shares the challenges that the Indian Digital industry faces and how brands should approach content marketing

Karl Gomes

“Measurement started of as a boon for digital marketers but today it has become a challenge,” shared Karl Gomes while talking about the various challenges the medium faces today. “It’s not a single scale across the medium. On digital it is about engagement and measuring it is a challenge.”

Karl, who is the CEO or the Chief Fanatic as he likes to call himself in his digital agency Fanatics, also talks about major challenges such as talent and decision makers still considering digital as the new medium.

In the first part of the video conversation, Karl talked about how his professional career has chalked out and the evolution of digital in the country. He also shared why he moved out of Agency Digi and started Fanatics.

In the second part of the video conversation, Karl spoke about one of the exciting works by his team in the first half of 2014. Explaining the client brief he shared that ICICI Bank organizes a drawing competition every year. Karl’s team wanted to twist the competition this year and so they came up with an idea – what if someone were to draw something that actually came alive. That’s how the journey of the campaign – The Magic Pencil began.

In this concluding part, he focuses on content marketing along with the challenges. “Today brands should evolve from just being functional and lateral to emotional and literal. If a brand knows its purpose other than making money than the content also has purpose.”