Karl Gomes On Digital Evolution In India And Starting Up Fanatics [Video]

Interview with Karl Gomes on his professional growth, how digital has evolved in India and the reason behind starting up Fanatics

Karl Gomes

“Digital was always a measurement driven medium. Today it is changing, digital today is less about measurement and more of content,” said Karl Gomes, Chief Fanatic at Fanatics in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

This is Karl’s second startup after he exited Agency Digi in early 2013. However at the start of the conversation, Karl informed that Fanatics isn’t a digital or advertising or social media agency. “We believe we are a startup and we work with brands to create sustainable properties, platforms and ideas in a true startup sense. So that’s why I would like to call Fanatics as a startup and not an agency.”

In the first part of this conversation, Karl shares about how his professional career has chalked out and how digital has evolved in the country. While he has more than a decade of experience in digital and has been a part of the industry from the dial up days but he prefers to call himself as an intern of the medium. “Right from day one, I have been an intern of this medium, today also I don’t see myself as a know-it-all. I think I am learning every day as there are new things coming up every day. I am on a journey of learning forever.”

Karl also talks about why he moved out of Agency Digi and started Fanatics. Click on the video to watch and listen to Karl speak on some more interesting thoughts:

Image credit: i.ytimg.com