Kannada Movie To Premiere Overseas On Youtube

by Prasant on March 30, 2022


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CineCurry, the entertainment brand owned by PK online, a division of Percept Limited, has got some great news for Kannada movie lovers who are located out of India. Kannada movie ‘Dev- Son of Mudde Gowda’ that is going to be released in theaters on April 6th, 2012 will also be available for overseas audience via Youtube.(1) Producers, Jade Plant Ventures have collaborated with CineCurry to launch the film on Youtube for the overseas audience at a rent of $1 in US, while keeping it free in all other countries except India.

CineCurry Youtube Channel

The Youtube channel of CineCurry, ranked amongst 10th most watched channels, has been viewed more than 85 million times in India. Featuring the movie as a first day first show for the overseas online audience is splendid news for producers as well as fans. The first of its kind move in Kannada movies definitely gives an added advantage to producers to reach out to overseas fans as well as to generate some ad revenue.

Is it a new thing?

It may be first of its kind for the Kannada movie fraternity but it has been a tried and tested avenue by Bollywood producers in the past. In February 2008, Rajshri Productions had premiered their movie Vivah online and had registered 6500 downloads at cost of $9.99 per streaming. Thereafter, we have seen Movie Studio collaborating with Youtube to premier its movie Striker and later on the makers of the movie F.A.L.T.U had also taken the same route.

Having said that, first day first show concept of online movie releases hasn’t got the big push from big production houses. In fact, the first day first show announcement of the Kannada movie comes just in time when Verismo has also launched its first day first show app Mela. The app plans to release Bollywood movies in overseas market on first day first show basis. Definitely video consumption is on its rise in India even with the sad infrastructure. In a country where 7 out of 10 watch videos online such initiatives will be happening more often in future. Premium content will have takers and that’s the reason why EROS, Ditto TV, Youtube BoxOffice, etc. are all trying to grab a larger pie from the share.

I am hopeful that very soon we will get to hear big production houses jumping onto the bandwagon. And as we are seeing today, brands are releasing TVC’s for their Facebook fans before airing it on TV. It won’t be a surprising trend if it is going to be adopted by movie makers too. What  do you think?

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