Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Crowdsources For ‘Capturing Change’

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2013 held in the South Mumbai area crowdsources images that personify change across art, Bollywood, etc. under the 'Capturing Change' contest at Talenthouse

Talenthouse India

The annual nine days long arts festival held in Kala Ghoda the heritage art district of South Mumbai by the Kala Ghoda Association, a non-profit organisation has now opened up to a crowdsourcing initiative at Talenthouse. The festival that celebrates art and culture in all its myriad forms is inviting creative people to submit their designs that reflect change in the society and win a chance to showcase their work at the festival. Submissions are being accepted through a contest ‘Capturing Change‘ hosted at the Talenthouse website.

Being the most sought after art festival that attracts creative talent from all over the country, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival offers an effective platform for budding artists. Participants have to submit images that personify change across art, or any other element in society that needs change. Winners will be chosen by the Kala Ghoda Association based on its uniqueness and creativity to personify ‘change’.


‘Capturing Change’ on social media

Interestingly, the contest has not been promoted extensively on social media. An update on the Talenthouse India Facebook page is all there is to it, probably reaching out to the relevant creative community of more than 90K fans. Although the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival  has a presence on Facebook since last year, there is no talk about ‘Capturing change’ on the page. The page is otherwise regularly updating about the upcoming festival and inviting its 7K fans to be a part of it. The sparingly used Twitter page of the festival with its 800 odd followers is also in the same state.

Had the contest been open only for the Talenthouse community, this kind of promotion is good. However, it is an annual Arts Festival defining the country’s largest multicultural festival and has many aspiring artists waiting to be discovered. It would be a sad opportunity loss for those artists aware of the Kala Ghoda festival but not yet of the crowdsourcing platform Talenthouse. Also, it could have helped Talenthouse build a relevant community had the contest been promoted to the aspiring talent looking forward to the festival every year.

Brands and associations are taking the right steps by partnering with Talenthouse or other crowdsourcing platforms, but they would still need to promote the initiatives at their end too.