JustUnfollow Hits 6M Users, Integrates With Hootsuite

JustUnfollow, the leading friend management app for Twitter and Instagram has hit 6 million users this month and integrated with Hootsuite



JustUnfollow, the leading friend management app for Twitter and Instagram has revealed that it has hit 6 million users this month. The growth has been a commendable one since last year during August 2013 the app had a million users and in a time span of 15 months the startup has grown six times. In fact JustUnfollow had also revealed during October 2013 that it had touched 5 million users. So approximately in a matter of two months the startup has added a million users. That is some growth for a social media management app.

Besides this JustUnfollow has now been integrated with HootSuite, the popular social media management dashboard, and will be available to it’s over 8 million users. In doing so the startup claims to be the first Indian app to be listed on Hootsuite’s app directory.

With this feature now Twitter users can find their unfollowers and followers while growing their network with relevant folks. Features like checking relationships between Twitter profiles, copy followers from other similar accounts, automate among others have been made available. Just add the app to any tab on your dashboard and it starts working like a breeze.


At the same time the app has also introduced another very exciting feature – Keyword Following. With this feature the app wants you to grow your Twitter network by targeting right users to follow. Enter a keyword or hashtag and JustUnfollow finds the most active and engaged tweeps who are using specific keywords.

Right now the feature is quite nascent but this could be made interesting if the app pulls up Twitter users with a certain interest from a specific locality. For example it would be awesome if the app can find me food bloggers from Andheri, Mumbai in the future.

This is the first big news from the startup in 2014. Last it was in the news when it had hit 5 million users and had acquired JustMigrate, a migration service that became popular when Posterous had announced that it was shutting down and a local shopping app, 3Crumbs. The growth has been a remarkable one and the integration with Hootsuite makes it really more useful for prolific Twitter users and for brands too. It’s sure to spike up numbers.