JuhuLive, Social News Reader App

A review on JuhuLive which is a Social News Reader facebook App

One of the industries big events SXSW that concluded recently saw the launch of JuhuLive, a social news reading app on Facebook. JuhuLive has been created by our own Pune based startup Juhu Labs. The Founders claim that the Facebook app is the first Indian app to be integrated with the Facebook open graph. The app helps you satisfy your reading hunger bringing content from different leading publishers and at the same time sharing with your friends too.  To know more about how it works read on.

How does JuhuLive work?

Log into your Facebook account and search for the app and you would be directed to the social newsreader app.  Within seconds you would find the app covered with images and links to be clicked and consumed  by you.

JuhuLive Facebook app Home page
Home page

Primary Features: The home page of the app consists of Interests, Top Stories, What Friends Are Reading and Editor’s Pick. Interests is an exciting feature where you can specify your interest so that you keep a track of what is happening in that area. For example since I am a blogger I set up an interest based on blogging. However the more specific you be, the better results you would receive and that will also allow to get a complete roundup of the particular interest. With links, the app also provides relevant tweets for the particular interests and videos too, which is really cool.

juhulive facebook app interests

In addition to this, you have static sections such as Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Pune, etc. If you click on any of these categories you would get a collection of articles in that specific area from different news dailies such as Times of India, NDTV, Hindustan Times, Business Week, etc. Once you click on any article that you would like to read, the app provides a small snippet of the article and takes you to the source when you click on read more. The app also provides Facebook social icons and a comments section. But why do you need a comment section here, as you haven’t read the article!

Apart from these features, you have a section which lists the favorites of the Editor. Social Reading is incomplete if you can’t share articles with your friends and know what they are reading. So you can invite friends from the invite section and once you have your friends joining you on JuhuLive you can also see what they are  reading.

Profile Settings: The app provides a dashboard of your profile where you can check your profile as well as your friends who have joined you in this app. Apart from this the dashboard lists what all you have read and the Interests that you have listed. The app also provides a way where you can disable sharing and till the time you click on it, posts are not shared on your timeline.

Profile settings

My Thoughts on the App:

The app is definitely quite attractive and I think the neat category listing and addition of Interest is a cool thing about this app. Besides the tweets and videos being displayed makes it complete.

juhulive facebook sharing
Sharing On Timeline

However, I would have loved the app providing me with the complete news on the app itself rather than driving me to another site. Another problem I noticed is that the app was sharing all the articles, which I read. Right now most of the social reading apps do that but letting me decide what should be shared would be something cool. Even when the articles were shared on the timeline JuhuLive has two sections “Recent Activity” and “Articles I’ve read on Juhu”. I think the app could have done with just  “Recent Activity”.

Nevertheless, the app is cool and if you love reading while you are on Facebook then JuhuLive is a must to try.  I tried playing with other social reading apps such as IBNLive and Washington Post even though I don’t fancy reading on Facebook. After spending some time on both of them, JuhuLive stands out for it’s neat design and the primary features. I wish JuhuLabs make mobile apps and create the same experience on mobile, as their future move.

Do let me know if you have tried JuhuLive and your thoughts on the app on ‘How could it make the social reading better?’