Join My Village:$1 For Every Facebook Like!

Join My Village generates $1 For Every Facebook Like for supporting girls and women from Indian villages

join my village

I came across an interesting Facebook ad about ‘Join My Village – interesting because it said that every click can bring about a social change.  That got me to click it which then took me to its landing page. The Join My village landing page is not only cheerful and welcoming but also well defined and informative. The page tells you why you should like it, what they plan to do with your likes and how to go about with likes, if you want to make a difference.

Join My Village landing page

Join My Village is a non-profit organization that works on the basis of click-to-connect social change initiative. It gives you the power to inspire charitable donations from companies like General Mills and Merck to women and girls from Malawi and India through CARE. Every like equals one dollar so a million and a half likes will generate the required $1.5 million by the end of 2012, as is the intended plan for this year.  Since, my work involves finding areas of improvement, I tried to find out if there is a counter displayed somewhere which shows the number of likes received till date. But I couldn’t find any. However, there is a ‘Progress’ tab on the website which displays the amount of donations and the 2012 project objectives. Also, I would have been happy if I could invite my friends after liking the page. A simple Facebook invite friend plugin installed with the landing page could have helped Join My Village Facebook page gain visibility.

No doubt, with this noble initiative, Join My village is bound to have a strong community base; currently there are 110,954 fans with nearly 25,086 talking about it.The wall is flooded with ‘likes’ and the comments have an air of a feeling of goodness. But content is always the key for any campaign and experimenting with content is required to know what clicks with your community. So Join My Village community managers need to try and explore variety of content and at the same time they need to change the responses while addressing the fans. Stereotype answers won’t work for long.

Join My Village Blog post

Also, Join My Village has a beautiful and updated blog on their website. The blog posts bring about vivid descriptions of their work in the various villages and has pictures to support the same. Blogs are beautiful storytelling tools that empowers anybody to create meaningful content by sharing their stories. Hence, blog is a must for brands and especially NGO’s that need to bring out their transparency and efficiency. Also, I am a little biased towards blogging so I tend to give brownie points to any organization that employs blogging to tell their story and not employ the usual suspects – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.  In that sense, Join My Village has created a winning combination with Facebook and Blog to build the perfect Social media presence for a NGO.

Some time back we had reviewed the Expedia-Give them wings campaign which was again a smart CSR initiative by a travel company. The concept of associating ‘likes’ with charity was well executed and helped in the overall brand positioning. Similarly Join My Village is not only bringing smiles to the girls in villages but is also helping General Mills and Merck take social responsibility through social media.

NGO’s using social media has been a tested way and it has brought laurels to their objective. The whole campaign driven by Join My Village is to create awareness among netizens and it is achieving it’s objective. This not only motivates other NGO’s to take this route for building awareness and going ahead, can build a community of donors too.