Why DDB Mudra Group launched Johnson & Johnson’s YouTube channel ‘Best For Baby’ as a theatrical release & reached the right moms

Case study by DDB Mudra Group for the launch of Johnson & Johnson's YouTube channel 'Best For Baby', submitted under the category: ‘Best Event/Movie marketing’ for LI Digital Awards 2017

j&j best for baby

The Client

Johnson & Johnson spread its root into India 70 years ago. Since then, the Company has brought many innovative ideas, products and services to improve the health and well-being of people in India. The Company is organized into three business segments: Consumer Healthcare, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals.

The Agency

DDB Mudra Group is India’s largest integrated marketing communications and services network. DDB Mudra Group comprises of ten agencies offering diversified and specialist services under one roof. 
Its scope of services run the gamut through Advertising, Media Planning & Buying, Digital & New Media, Data-driven Marketing, Health & Lifestyle, OOH, Retail Design and Visual Merchandising, Navigation Solutions, Experiential Marketing (Promotions, Events, Rural), Trade Marketing, Youth Marketing, Localisation Pre-Media Services, Content Creation, Strategy and Design Consultancy.

Problem Statement

Onslaught on the leader

With a $278 MN (Nielsen category data, 2016) baby care market, India was a lucrative market. While Johnson’s Baby had been the leader for decades, other players realized the importance of the market. Home-grown brand, Himalaya, was putting up a formidable fight growing by 54% in 2016 (Nielsen category data, 2016) while we de-grew by 7%.

The new entrant Baby Dove, with deep pockets and pre-built equity also launched in October, the same year. Patanjali, a home grown brand, who reached $740 MN sales merely in ten years, also launched its baby care range.
As more and more players started coming in, we saw a section of moms finding Johnson’s less relevant and hence keen to join any new brand which came in.

Identified Objectives

Reach the right moms and renew relationship with the brand

While we always were a trusted brand with products which have been used by generations, the new players in the market changed the context. With more than 3/4th of market share, awareness was never an issue but we had to renew relationship and regain relevance for the moms we were losing. We defined our sole task as below:

Reach the moms who were prone to leave us for competition and engage them with the relevant message

But who were these moms, we had to reach out to?

The Strategy/Execution

Who should we talk to was not an easy question when almost every mom bought you. To find that out, we conducted a large scale third party research to segment the moms. We came up with two types of moms: Mass Market Moms and Premium Millennial Moms.

We had more loyalists among Mass Market Moms than Premium Millennial Moms. Premium Millennial Moms were more prone to shift from us to a new and modern brand and hence she became our focus, who needed some extra attention. Also, the Premium Millennial Moms went beyond the immediate mommy eco-system. They researched online, made Facebook and WhatsApp groups, regularly referred to baby portals like BabyCenter, India parenting etc.

Now we went into details to find out about their habits and media consumption. We found out that:

  • 41% believed, “internet is a valuable resource.”
  • 44% believed, “My smartphone is a constant companion and keeps me updated on the go. I often order products as I see them.”
  • They also almost two times over indexed with population on “I browse ‘how to’ videos, surf for the latest information.”
  • And over indexed with population on “I downloaded app to monitor growth, sleep patterns.”

(Sources: TGI (a database of set of questions to understand the demographics and psychographics of any particular segment), ComScore (cross-platform measurement company), Facebook and In-depth Interviews)

To Summarize:

There were two segments of mom. The Premium Millennial Moms were one step ahead in information seeking and their parenting style compared to Mass Market Moms and were the ones who were more likely to leave us for a new brand. They were also the moms who used digital media extensively.

It gave us clear directions in terms of media channels we should leverage to reach them and to engage with them. But were they interested in baby care related conversations there? Once again, numbers helped us to make a decision:

  1. Baby Care was the most searched ‘Personal Care’ category, ahead of hair and skin (Source: Google data)
  2. 1 - 1.1 BN searches on baby care annually (Source: Google data)
  3. Digital influence on purchase was highest for skin care among consumer product categories (Source: ComScore, Google and TNS study)
  4. 40% users were women and online videos were becoming increasingly important (Source: ComScore, Google and TNS study)
  5. 10% of all baby related searches were happening on YouTube, which was the 2nd largest search engine globally (Source: Google data)

Seeing that our Premium Millennial Moms were online, searching for baby related information, we decided that it was time to have our own YouTube channel. At the same time we also decided that this channel will not be like any other brand channel. It will be true to the brand core of Johnson’s Baby which is joy of growing up together. This channel will be about the moms and not about the brand and will help moms and dads to be a better parent.

The purpose of the channel was to be a credible source of all the information that a mom was seeking and aggregate all the voices that the mum seeks advice from - Doctors, other moms, influencer moms, research, science & the brand as well. This was keeping in mind the hunger of information amongst Premium Millennial Moms.

This will be our way to connect with Premium Millennial Moms and be relevant to them.

But the major task was to tell moms about this new channel. In search of an idea we stumbled upon this cultural insight:

“While India has 1 billion Mobile phone subscribers and 375 million internet users*, we still value the physical meetings the most. This becomes even truer for new moms who get so busy with their babies that finding time to meet fellow moms or friends become a distant dream.”

(*Source: Statista.com)

Powered by this insight, we went deeper into mom’s life. She was fully busy in taking care of her baby and undoubtedly was enjoying her motherhood journey. As a brand we wanted to celebrate this bonding and at the same time give her an experience, which she truly loved but was bereft of it: a movie going experience with her kid.

And from there came out the big Idea for our Best For Baby YouTube channel launch:

First Ever Youtube Channel Launch In A Theatre – Bringing Moms And Other Stakeholders Together

We decided to get a powerful community of moms together and engage them in meaningful conversation on baby care through our Best For Baby channel launch. This was an ideal platform to hear their anxiety & also reveal the channel which was an ideal solution in the journey of parenthood. The channel was a great place for multiple partners in the parenting space to come together and we tried to replicate the same during the launch of the channel.


Once the idea of a theatrical release was frozen, we went all out to weave this story in every set of communication which went out to moms.

We started with a teaser gif which was like a movie poster to talk about the launch of the Best For Baby Channel.

Then we did a contest on our Facebook page and a few influencers’ pages to give away exclusive invites for the premiere.

Contest – Pre-buzz

30 winners were announced who were invited for the premiere and we sent them passes in the style of movie tickets:

Event announcement – Pre-buzz

We then did “stay tuned” post to keep the interest among online mum alive:


At the venue, we welcomed the moms and broadcasted in on Facebook, through Facebook Live.

Red Carpet Welcome Facebook Live – During Premiere

We then unveiled out Best For Baby YouTube Channel on a movie screen. We had invited the Bollywood star and a new mom Lara Dutta for unveiling and talk to moms who were attending the event.

Unveiling by Celeb Mom Lara Dutta – During Premiere

For moms who couldn’t attend the event but were online we posted Live updates on Twitter and broadcasted it live through Facebook.

We also invited healthcare experts, mommy influencers and experts from child care websites to have a panel discussion on mom’s concerns.

Panel Discussion - During Premiere


We reached out to influencers to spread the message around.

Influencer Tweets – During Premiere

We also did a 360 Spot the Logo Contest to engage online mums and 5 winners were chosen to receive Johnson’s hampers.

Spot the logo contest – During Premiere

360 SPot the Logo Contest Post small

Winner announcement post– Post Event

In the end we again did a Facebook Live with influencers talking about their experience. All the Live videos were uploaded on Facebook for later viewing.

Capturing the experience through Facebook Live – Post Event

We concluded after a day announcing the success of the event on the lines of blockbuster opening

Blockbuster opening – Post Event


  • Reach the moms who were prone to leave us for competition and engage them with the relevant message. We reached a whopping 9.4 MN people through this campaign with engagement of 0.2 MN.
  • We also did the first ever Live YouTube Broadcast by Johnson’s Baby India, garnering 7.1 MN views
  • During just one week of campaign we increased our Best For Baby YouTube channel subscriber base by 14000. It has highest number of subscribers currently, more than two times of its biggest competition Baby Dove.


  • On Twitter with the help of our influencers we trended nationally for the first time. We trended for more than 6 hours with more than 5000 tweets. For a considerable period we were only second to the movie Dangal trailer.  (Dangal was an upcoming movie of one of the most successful Bollywood Superstar, Aamir Khan. With the box office collection of INR 721 crore and counting it is set to become the highest grosser of all time)
  • We also received 350+ contest entries In just a year our Best For Baby Channel crossed 100 years of watch time.


You must have seen umpteen release of movies on a YouTube channel but have you heard about the YouTube channel release in theatres? Well, we did that, probably for the first time ever in the world.

And this was not just a channel innovation for the sake of it, it was an effort to show the way to reconcile two media, which are often believed mutually exclusive and used disjointly.

As online and offline are jostling for space, with former pitching itself as “future” and latter pitching itself as “still relevant” and “widest reach”, the meeting ground is few and far between. What we did through the “Theatrical release of our Best For Baby YouTube channel was seamlessly moving from online to offline to online.

We launched the teaser online to build curiosity. We also ran contest online to invite moms in physical theatres, an offline medium. We ran our event, the launch of our YouTube channel in theatres, an offline medium and built interactivity through doing Facebook live and YouTube broadcast, both online media. We ran contest through Facebook 360 degree photo which was staged offline but contest ran online again to bring two media together.

The various transitions were almost invisible. While moms were enjoying our informative YouTube videos in theatres, online moms were watching the proceedings through FB live and YouTube live.

This was optimization of both online and offline media to its fullest, bringing the two together, which was hitherto, unseen and unheard.

Lessons learnt:

Online and offline is not a zero-sum game and they really shine when they help each other.

Offline event can build online engagement, if served right.

Always start from consumers, understand them, give them a seamless experience and they won’t even notice you are giving them online gratification or offline gratification.