John Abraham To Do A Live Facebook Video Chat

John Abraham, Bollywood’s favourite heart throb, will host a live Facebook video chat at 3 pm, april 17th on his official Facebook fan page

The time is ripe to connect and create communities in the world of social media. From political parties to government agencies and celebrities, every individual is grooving to the social media grind. The latest news is that John Abraham, Bollywood’s favourite heart throb, will host a live Facebook video chat tomorrow at 3 pm, on his official Facebook fan page. With John now available on Facebook, fans will gain access to real time updates about his adventures, love for superbikes, social causes, gizmos, gaming and much more.

The live video chat is being hosted by Facebook India through the Livestream application. One can check-in and begin to chat; there is no need to ‘like’ the Facebook page. The app provides the share and invite friends option too.

Apart from his official Facebook fan page, John’s chat will also be livestreamed on the Bollywood Hungama Facebook page, and on the official Bollywood on Facebook page. Bollywood on Facebook is a dedicated page with only Bollywood celebrities and their official fan pages.

The star has also created a page on Instagram which sees over 32 million photos posted per day from more than 100 million registered users. Fans can now look forward to John’s favourite photo updates here. At the moment, there are only 3 photos and 17 followers.

Getting closer to your fans through social media seems to be the in thing now. Many greats like Sachin Tendulkar, A R Rehman, Salman Khan and the Big B  are highlighting the rising demand for social media engagement, after having created a massive fan following on Facebook. John Abraham with his active presence and offline fan following, has managed 846K fans on Facebook and 80K followers on Twitter.