Jet Airways, Power Of 300,000 Fans

Jet Airways, Power of 300,000 fans Facebook campaign to celebrate the fan milestone

Achieving milestones in terms of fans on Facebook is not a tough thing for big brands like Jet Airways. What matters today is how you celebrate and thank your fans for their support. Jet Airways in expressing gratitude to its Facebook community launched a simple campaign – “Power of 300,000 fans” to celebrate the landmark of 300,000 fans in an unique manner.

Power of 300,000


The campaign was neither about any deal nor boasting about it’s own work. The campaign was created to increase awareness and to ask it’s fans on how they could improve the environment and make the world a better living place. It connected well with the fans and the campaign received some amazing responses. Fans shared various tips and some of the best are about the importance of conserving energy that goes wasted silently, providing water to birds in the summer season, using boarding passes as bookmarks, etc.

Fans sharing their thoughts


The campaign got amazing response and the comments and likes highlighted on the above screenshot is one of the parameters to judge the effectiveness of the campaign too.  On this achievement Sudheer Raghavan, Chief Commercial Officer, Jet Airways had to say this,

“Jet Airways has been a pioneer in the Indian aviation sector in terms of recognizing and harnessing the power of social media networks to better understand, communicate with and delight our stakeholders. Reaching the 300,000 fans milestone stands testimony to the success of our company’s initiatives in actively reaching out to and engaging with a large cross-section of our guests. Facebook, LinkedIn and foursquare have revolutionized the social media space and this is evident from the rapidly growing member communities that Jet Airways has on all these social media platforms. We actively focus to gather valuable feedback from guests on their experience with Jet Airways and strive to address any concerns raised by them. Going forward, we will continue to engage more of our members and will expand our presence through other tools in the social media space.”


Reaching a milestone of 300,000 fans in a period of 2 years is an achievement and the campaign makes it more meaningful. However among the array of social networks that Jet Airways is present on, only Facebook and Twitter have been quite active. Jet Airways, which had launched its Facebook community on January 19, 2010, has focused on travel tips, deals from places where people are traveling and moreover trying to build a social brand. The Twitter community has also added a big support to the overall social media engagement of Jet Airways, which is being used as a customer support, and it’s doing a great work.

I personally think that a campaign should not always be rewards-driven but it should also focus on other ways of enticing a fan to speak up. Giving a fan an opportunity to speak and getting his ideas featured is a great way of showing respect to fans. Do you think alike or do you believe the campaign would have gathered more appreciation if it had a monetary rewarding model?

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