Jet Airways Gets Up, Close And Social With Its Social Media Community

An article about Jet Airways 'Up, close and social' event where the brand gets social with its Social Media fans offline

Social Media is not only about awareness and promotion but also about making your fans feel special, especially the ones who take out time to talk to you on your page. With social media maturing and brands genuinely showing the urge to be social, we have seen creative ways to engage. However, Jet Airways has set a whole new benchmark as a brand that has walked one step ahead in community engagement. Jet Airways gave an opportunity to its fans to be a part of the Jet Airways world.

“Up, Close and Social” Jet Airway’s Event

On June 16th, 2012 Jet Airways gave an opportunity to its Facebook and Twitter community to be a part of one of its kind event – “Up, Close and Social”. 31 fans were the lucky winners from all over India who were invited to the event. The participants were invited for this half-day event at the airline’s aircraft maintenance facility (hangar) based on a contest “My Most Enriching Experience with Jet Airways.”

Jet Airways Facebook

The half-day event gave the fans a chance to get informed on aircraft maintenance and operation through audio video presentations by the experts from Jet Airways. The fans also got an exclusive view of the fascinating world of aircraft maintenance with a tour of the engine, structure, wheel and seat shop. If this was not enough for the fans, Jet Airways also provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to the fans, to visit the cockpit of a stationary Boeing 737 and learn about the various features and instruments placed in the cockpit. Generally, you don’t get to enter the cockpit and get informed about it’s functioning so I think this would have been an amazing experience for the fans.  Along with this, fans were given refreshments and special gifts to make their experience memorable.

How good was the event for Jet Airways?

I have hardly come across an event like this from the airlines industry. Jet Airways not only gave the fans an opportunity but also gave them memorable experiences that they wouldn’t get elsewhere. I think creating an online contest and connecting that with an offline event is a masterstroke from the brand. This would not only have made the fans feel special to be a part of the Jet Airways community but might have also increased their loyalty to the brand. Besides with this event, the brand has also received more positive word of mouth and engagement. Check out the activities measured by Unmetric on the Facebook posts that were related to the event in the below screen shot:

jet airways facebook data

In addition to the event, the Jet Airway’s social media team was providing constant updates about the event to the rest of its fans on social media, thereby giving increased awareness to the event. I am sure other brands must have been looking at the event with envy!

Integrated engagements like this where the brand is looking for building a long-term community is really appreciated. It not only provides fans with a chance to rejoice but also gives a reason for other brands that are trying to engage on social media, to pull up their socks.

I am in complete awe of the “Up Close and Social” Jet Airways event. What are your thoughts on such events where brands are trying to bridge the gap between online and offline?