@Jeffweiner Shares The LinkedIn Vision At #B2BConnect

An article that describes the entire talks of Jeff Weiner which he delivered about LinkedIn vision at the LinkedIn B2B Connect conference in India.

LinkedIn B2BConnect

Jeff Weiner needs no introduction today but for the record he is the CEO of the world’s most popular and biggest professional network LinkedIn, with 150M+ users globally and 100M+ unique users in January 2012. While he took us through his slides that were focussed on LinkedIn’s Vision, the first slide had this gentleman:

Steve jobs

Jeff said that the single most important driver in Apple or in any other successful company is “Talent”. Steve Jobs knew this from day one and the other great leaders of the world have also known it. Hence, at LinkedIn the mission is to connect these talents with the opportunities available on a  massive scale. He shared that today LinkedIn is being upheld with the following three prominent features:

1. Identity: LinkedIn profile is the ultimate identity of a professional and the LinkedIn profiles are also SEO optimized to give professionals more visibility.  Besides this, LinkedIn Search is another strong feature and last year there were 4B+ search requests performed on LinkedIn, shared Jeff. He also added that apart from this, they are replacing the resume submissions with the recently launched LinkedIn Apply Now button and also replacing business cards with digital apps like CardMunch.

2. Insights: LinkedIn home page is a great place of insights which not only brings updates about your colleagues and what is happening but the LinkedIn email features really help to give insights. Jeff shared that there are 2B+ network updates, 1M+ professional groups and LinkedIn Today,  another effective feature has tied up with 300K unique publishers, who are providing news at fingertips.

3. Everywhere: Since today is the world of real-time, as stated by David Meerman Scott in the first keynote session of the day at #B2BConnect, so is LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s improved mobile apps on various platforms have helped it increase more than 3x visitors. Jeff also touched upon how brands are using the LinkedIn API and trying to add value to their community. He gave the example of how American Express chooses LinkedIn to recommend the AMEX experience to the Indian professionals. LinkedIn, which is often remarked as a closed property in terms of giving its access to the API, has 50K+ developers working on it, said Jeff.

Moving ahead Jeff touched upon the way LinkedIn is generating revenues – 1. Hiring Solutions, 2. Marketing Solutions and 3. Premium Subscriptions. He also shared that last year LinkedIn made $522M in revenues, which resulted in +115% growth for the company. But having said that,  he added that there is still a vast majority of untapped opportunity.

Jeff Weiner CEO at LinkedIn

On talking about how LinkedIn would approach the untapped markets, Jeff shared three simple ways:

1. Simplify: LinkedIn has shown lot of progress in this direction and one of the examples was the LinkedIn Mobile version 2.0. With the introduction of the latest version, LinkedIn saw a 20% jump in its visitors. Jeff also shared that they are focusing on the Home Page and Profile Search page to simplify it more.

2. Grow: While discussing the growth and expansion of LinkedIn, Jeff shared that it has 23 offices worldwide with a presence in 17 languages. After the US, it is India with 14M+ professionals making it to the second number, a 300% growth since 2009. Talking about Indians, Jeff shared some more interesting facts – 90% of the users are university graduates, 79% consider it as a trusted source, 2M+ active company profiles, etc.

3. Everyday: I think everyday and everywhere is no more a choice for anyone in this real-time world and the same applies to LinkedIn. LinkedIn Today, LinkedIn share button and device specific apps such as apps for tablets are some of the features that Jeff said, has made and will make LinkedIn grow.

Finally Jeff touched upon a question that he is asked quite frequently –

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”] What has changed after becoming a public company – Jeff simply said “Nothing”! [/pullquote]

And Jeff left the audience to drool about the potential of LinkedIn.

So are you impressed by LinkedIn’s vision and how do you plan to implement it for your growth?