How Social Kinnect’s #FreeJeansDay for Jealous 21 connected with girls digitally and in stores

Case study by Social Kinnect for Jealous 21 where it conceived #FreeJeansDay to boost store visits and connect with girls, submitted under the category: ‘Best Brand Building Campaign- B2C’ for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017

The Client

Jealous 21, as a brand, has always stood for more than great clothes. It also reflects the hip, unapologetic young girl of today-empowering her to stand up for what she believes in, arming her with confidence, style and independence.

The Agency

Social Kinnect is one of India’s fastest growing Digital Marketing Agency, which prides itself for providing ‘result-driven digital marketing services’ to the country’s top brands such as, HDFC Ergo, Indiabulls Home Loans, L’Oreal Professional, fbb (Fashion at Big Bazaar), LODHA, Zee Studio, Star Gold, Everyuth, Asian Paints and PNB MetLife. Their range of digital services include Social Media Marketing, Digital Media Planning / Buying, Video Production, Search Engine Optimisation, Websites and Application Development among others.

Problem Statement

Jealous 21 recognized that every girl is unique and came up with a perfect solution: Three hip sizes for every waist size. The brand has been around for a long time. But with the inflow of many global brands into India, we had a huge challenge at hand. How do we get the country’s girls to try out our collection? How do we get them to obsess over our famously well fitted denims again?

As our target audience now spends all their time online, the new challenge was to drive the digital audience to our stores while taking the generation’s newsfeed by storm.

Jealous 21 aimed to rebuild the brand and connect with the youth at every digital touch point they respond to. Connecting with the youth lies at the core of their brand belief. While Jealous 21 was still seeing strong digital engagement, not much of it was translating into offline store visits.

Identified Objectives

To drive consumer’s in-store by using social media as a tool, build an integrated digital multi-channel communication that would resonate with them and have customers try out our latest collection as part of a unique trial generation drive.

The Strategy/Execution

We conducted a 360 campaign in India titled Jealous 21 #FreeJeansDay, the first of its kind in India across 4 flagship stores. The goal behind the digital campaign was to create a unique experience for the TG that would resonate with them. Jealous 21 #FreeJeansDay was born in the intention to create a unique experience for the brands target audience.


As the name suggests, we offered our most iconic products to a generation obsessed with perfect fit, because who doesn’t love a well-fitted pair of jeans? We cracked an execution resulting in a seamless user experience. The activity buzz started a week earlier across digital. Social content was seeded out alerting consumers to an upcoming offer.


Teaser posts were seeded out to build hype around the campaign. Offer reveal, mechanism and countdown posts went live across social media platforms to build urgency along with the landing page links to drive registrations.


Fashion bloggers visited our stores one day prior to the event to build hype around the activity and to promote the event across their follower base.


This was done through directing viewers to the data capture Landing Page via Lead Generation Ad and Click-To-Website. Both were functioned with automated e-mailers, SMS & add-to-calendar functions. Regular reminders were sent across these channels.


Users were driven to our landing page via Click-To-Website Ads and Lead Generation Ads to register for the event.


Once registered, users received an SMS with a unique code to be showed at the store to claim the Free Jeans. Personalized thank you mailers were blasted to those who registered with location of the nearest stores.


Customers had to click a picture of our latest collection at our 4 exclusive stores i.e Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore and tag us using the hashtag #FreeJeansDay in-order to win a free pair of jeans! The girls, who couldn’t resist making a beeline for free jeans, also couldn’t resist posting their exclusive grabs on social media.

#FreeJeansDay is now the talk of the town! To find out why, visit our stores today from 11 AM to 6 PM to claim your free jeans.

Jealous 21さんの投稿 2017年3月25日(土)

On the day of the launch i.e March 25th and 26th, Facebook Live was conducted from the stores to build hype and show people who weren’t part of the event what they were missing out on. We received 800+ social mentions on Facebook on the first day itself. The best entries we shared on our pages at regular intervals.

On March 26th, we also expedited 3 consumer testimonial videos videos to build faith and convince consumers to make the trip while the offer was on. Real-time management of issues was also conducted, ensuring no one was left out so that a steady flow of social mentions could be maintained. Facebook slideshow showcased some of the best moments and Facebook albums which captured the intensity of the in-store momentum.

#FreeJeansDay was one insane weekend and it was only because of you ladies!

Jealous 21さんの投稿 2017年3月27日(月)


  • Jealous 21 #FreeJeansDay caused the website to crash with over 50,000 girls logging on to register. We saw a tremendous response with girls lining up outside the stores, even before they opened.
  • The campaign also saw phenomenally low numbers for CPL and CPC given that it used a very segmented audience slice along with geo targeted ads in only 3 cities.
  • 98,00,000+ people reached across social channels.
  • 30,000+ registrations on landing page and ad.
  • 5,000+ customer recruitment.
  • 2,150+ FREE JEANS distributed.


An activity of this scale was done for the very first time and received a huge response digitally as well as in-stores. Jealous 21 achieved its target of connecting with the digitally savvy and fashion enthusiastic youth of today in an interesting yet appealing way. Jealous 21 #FreeJeansDay became a hit with our target audience in a way that they now want it to be held twice a year in major cities across India.