Jas Banwait Shares About Social Media At Twomangoes

An interview with Jas Banwait, Chief Social Mango At Twomangoes where she shares about their Social Media workings

Jas Banwait, Chief social Mango at Twomangoes.com
Jas Banwait

What’s better than one mango? Its two mangoes! Thus was named ‘Twomangoes.com‘, an online dating site for Indian singles from all over the world. It enables you to connect with like-minded Indian singles who probably may go on to become your life partner one day. And the best part is - parents, uncles and aunties are not invited! In our curiosity to know how does it work in the age of social media, we caught up with Jas Banwait, Chief Social Mango at Twomangoes. She has been kind enough to share the social media workings at Twomangoes with us.

What are the various ways in which you have explored social media at Twomangoes?

In the past, we have used Posterous (which has now been acquired by Twitter) to automate our posts across multiple streams.  But, we realized that this was just the “lazy” way of posting. Automating content loses its appeal as its duplicated to sometimes the same audience and ignores factors such as timing of the post, frequency of posting, and the appeal of the copy to the social stream audience. We found better results when content was varied and unique across our streams. 

Early on in developing TwoMangoes, we realized that Twitter was an outlet where a lot of our potential users spoke freely and openly about their life as it related to culture and even dating. We began actively and consistently communicating with this audience which included individuals from all over the world. Today, our average tweets a day are between 60 to 70 over a span of 24 hours.

Facebook is a mix of content from Bollywood, news, dating, etc. What has been your content strategy on Facebook?

Our blog goes to our Facebook and Twitter streams quite a few times a week. We also post interesting content that would appeal to our audience of young, single Indian professionals. The content is usually a video, visually appealing picture/graph/chart or Bollywood related news. We like to keep our content funny, relevant and fresh.

TwoMangoes blog is really impressive with an active presence and covers topics from different areas. How does it help TwoMangoes?

Why thank you 😀

When we first started TwoMangoes, our initial research involved finding blogs that talked about south asian culture and dating. The content we found was few and far between. We knew we could put together a blog that would cover all the topics not just limited to dating like Bollywood, and profiles on interesting individuals. Although there is a slew of dating advice available online, very few talk about “Indian dating” and various challenges we face with family and culture. One of the highlights of our blog is our advice column “askShilpa” which allows our readers/users to write in and get all their questions answered by an expert.

Along with FB and Twitter, you also have G+, Pinterest and Youtube accounts. How do you manage to drive engagement on all the networks?

There has been a lot of hype around Google Plus and not all good. It is a challenge for a company to attract users to follow their page since there is no way to invite people who are not already in your personal circles. More often than not, those individuals are usually already on your Facebook and Twitter page. Therefore, unless you are a well known brand, it is difficult to attract new people on to your business page. Although its not a page we actively drive engagement on, we do post our blogs to increase our google presence. We are however, constantly striving to engage with users on all of our streams.

We use Youtube as our primary video page and post a minimum of 1 unique video a month. We started off with a few professional matrimony vs. dating commercials to effectively communicate our unique brand. We also include press videos, speaking engagements, interviews and advice on dating. These are posted on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks right now that appeals mostly to women and/or those that are non-technical. We just started our account a few weeks ago and are still exploring ways to engage with perhaps a fresh audience that is otherwise not linked to our Facebook and Twitter streams. What we have found is an amazing conversion rate of women to our site, so we definitely recommend any business who is heavily targeting women to join Pinterest. One of the greatest challenges for online dating is attracting women; Pinterest is a great way to engage those women. We have put up boards we feel promote the lifestyle of our target market; those that are single, Indian professionals looking for love, with interests in culture, Bollywood, food and travel.

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]Our boards include: “cooking for one can be fun” and “out of the ordinary date ideas”.[/pullquote]

What are your thoughts on ‘returns on social media’? Can you share the  percentage of the social media community that is registered at TwoMangoes too.   

It is definitely important to track how social media leads to conversions or sales just as you would in any traditional marketing campaign. Having said that, the benefits of social media are seen more so qualitatively through relationship building, influencer engagement, humanizing your brand, customer service, real time market research, and word of mouth marketing. All of these are difficult to measure quantitatively yet do increase returns over time through sheer consistency,  relevant  content and availability of the brand. Of course, you can measure everything and should when possible, our current percentage of conversion from social media is in the high 80’s.

Thanks Jas for sharing your social media journey and I’m absolutely with you when you say that Pinterest can actually lure women! Cheers to Twomangoes!