Japanese Messaging App Line Boasts Of 300M Registered Users. Targets 500M by 2014

Japanese Messaging App Line has more than 300 million registered users, adding 100 million in matter of just four months.


Looks like 300M is the sweet number that every messaging app is chasing for. The latest messaging app to reveal its global numbers is the popular Japanese mobile messaging app Line which has revealed that it has 300M registered users (not active users) adding 100 million users in a period of just four months. The news was announced at a press conference in Tokyo and later the CEO of Line Corp, Akira Morikawa also broadcasted on Twitter.

The app backed by Line Corp, a unit of South Korea’s biggest Internet search provider NHN Corp had revealed earlier in the month of July that it has passed 200 million downloads. The hockey stick growth of the app is commendable since the milestone comes in a time period of two years. The app was launched in June, 2011 and has credited the strong growth to the local support and acceptance by international users at the same time.

LINE 300M registered users

During the press meet, Line which has a strong foot hold in South East Asia stated that it is seeing a strong growth from Spanish-speaking regions including Spain, Mexico and Latin America. The other countries that are supporting its growth have been India, Turkey, and West European countries including France, Germany and Italy.

The growth has come at the cost of heavy spends on marketing. Line which wishes to have 20M users in India by the year end has been investing a lot on marketing by roping in Bollywood celebrities. It has done the same in Spain and is also trying to do the same in US.

However, the number revealed by Line has two major problems – 1. They are still Registered Users, instead of Active Monthly Users, and 2. The tricky way of counting Registered Users, where the app counts the same registered user multiple times if they are using its service on different smartphones.

Nevertheless, the app which is in use in 230 countries globally, and is ranked first in the free app category in 60 countries, wishes to target half a billion users by 2014. Seeing the growth the target looks achievable but then the world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp has 300+ active users globally which has come at a zero marketing cost.