36 adorable Janmashtami visuals & gifs of 2016

Janmashtami visuals created this year played upon the elements of Krishna, with a connect to the brand, some in the visual but mostly in the copy


This month must have been a hectic one for the graphics and digital content creation teams at most Indian digital agencies. Jampacked with festivals, national holidays and special days of the year, August always gets our agency folks on their toes to roll out the most creative, witty, hilarious, inspiring, thought-provoking, out-of-the-box visual content to bring about some timely engagement for the brand. But, few are able to cater to the fast-paced demands of a ever-on digital world with ever decreasing attention spans.

This Janmashtami, we witnessed a bunch of interesting visuals being shared by Indian brands from varied sectors, but we also came across what may be called as ‘visual content fatigue’. Stock images have been played with to stitch up a decent visual story/greeting. When looked at individually, they all make for a memorable content for a festive occasion like this, but when compiled together, they tell a different story.

For the audience, the social media user, it is a tad overwhelming to be bombarded with so many wishes and greetings for the day. The one that does make them look again, while scrolling through their social feeds, better be an appealing one.

Here, we’ve managed to curate some of the interesting Janmashtami visuals created this year, that played upon the elements of Krishna, the Lord who’s birthday is being celebrated along with a connect to the brand, some in the visual but mostly in the copy.

Coolpad India

The smartphone maker has really come up with a smart one depicting Krishna’s flute. I can’t help admiring this!


This one is a really smart one by the mattress maker, it has managed to seamlessly embed the brand into the visual story. Kudos Kurlon!


The visual is adorable and the text is interesting by this online bazaar.


The deals site has rolled out an interesting take with its ‘O’ guy!

OLX India

The online marketplace for used goods is hellbent on inculcating ‘un-hoarding’ habits in us Indians!

Nerolac Paints India

A nice gif by the paint brand using stock images but the branding could be done away with.


Lest we forget Kurkure is about butter masti, the family snack brand reminds us in its gif.


The ecommerce firm comes up with a decent one, but the hand needn’t be blue, or does it?!


The online ethnic wear portal keeps it mischievous in keeping with Krishna’s personality.

Yes Bank

Our little govindas in this gif by the bank are simply adorable, but wait till you see the next one.


The same gang of little govindas are now trying their luck in the budget hotel chain’s visual. Their uniforms change as per the brand identity colors.


Our little govindas must be tired by now, all they want now are Bingo snacks.


The food app talks about food and friends who love food, just like our little govindas.


The ply board is a tough one!

Berger Paints

The paint brand is the smartest, it managed to bring about some engagement with this little gif game featuring who else, but our little govindas!

Pulse Candy

I’m sure the entire nation wants to break this Pulse filled handi, the candy has become an addiction and the brand has played well to that.

Bajaj Allianz

The insurance brand keeps it adorable.

Nivea India

A creative one by the skin care brand, both in visual and in copy.

Philips Sound

Krishna is most probably the first flute player who achieved massive fan following that has continued over the eras. Philips Sound need not focus elsewhere for its music loving community.


The etailer keeps it simple.

Panasonic India

This is one brand that touched upon Krishna’s teaching from the Gita.


The housing portal keeps it straight forward.

Meru Cabs

The cab hailing app chooses to play with minimal elements.


The travel app highlights his birthplace!


The food app keeps it festive and spirited.

Samsung India

The brand keeps it simple but makes it visually impressive.


Aircel offers a timely service.

Godrej Goldilocks

The brand finds a decent story connecting the Janmashtami visual back to itself.

UC Browser

The mobile browser makes it colourful.

Mumbai Indians

The IPL team focuses on the spirit of a team.


The music streaming app came up with an apt playlist for the day, like it always does.

Havells India

Havells keeps it bright and beautiful.


The local search engine brings focus on infant Krishna.

Crossword Bookstores

The bookstore keeps it adorable.


The bank has made it colourful though we could do away with the logo.

Peter England

The clothing brand has an interesting graphic here, but you need to look closely. The visual could do away with the parent brand and the sub brand logos though.

Do let us know your favourites in this list.