The Jabong Android App Could Do Better For A Smoother Shopping Experience

Review of ecommerce brand, Jabong's android app where shoppers can search and buy through the app.

Jabong Android App

The last month saw Ecommerce giant Jabong launch its mobile app, amidst news of its competing players Flipkart and Myntra heading towards a merger. Aside from encouraging shopping on the go, the idea of the app is to be in line with the evolving Indian consumers’ shopping habits as well as to fit into any digital screen. The current version of the Android app on Play store says the app is in the 100K to 500K download range with an average rating of 3.9 from 7545 users.

After having recently reviewed the Myntra android app and being fairly impressed with the seamless experience it provided both on web and mobile, I was curious to check out the Jabong app. Following a quick download, I got started with it as ‘guest’. The home page flashes a bold 38% off if you shop through the app, a feature that is sure to encourage regular as well as new shoppers to try its app. I’m not sure if it works though.

You can begin to navigate through the sections like men, women, kids, sports, etc. or go to the menu list to get to what you want. Apart from the search bar, you can also do a ‘refined’ search to find what you are looking for. Saved items and shopping cart icons are also present at top right corner. Email and Facebook login has been provided as the web interface.

Jabong android app

I tapped my way to Women - Bags and was bombarded with an array of wallets, clutches, handbags, sling bags, backpacks and more. As I was looking specifically for an aqua or green coloured wallet with a discount, I applied the ‘refine’ option. The refine option can be used to sort by price, discount, popularity or what’s new, while there are many filters available such as - colour, price, brand, discounted items.

I filtered using the colour and discounted items filter and was then shown a list of all bag items in that criteria. It had aqua and blue backpacks, clutches, handbags and more, while I was looking for a wallet. A filter on product category is also essential to save time for the user. I searched for ‘wallets’, ‘green wallets’ in the search bar but it returned zero results. This could be a crucial business loss for Jabong!

jabong item display

The item listing has many images though, after you tap on the item, these get larger providing the user a better view of the item from all angles. You can share the product through the various options available on your mobile like email, Facebook, messaging apps, etc . You can save it for later or add to cart.

Should you shop on Jabong app?

While my experience on the Myntra app was a smooth one, I can’t say the same about the Jabong app. It seems to have been pushed out rather abruptly while still in its design phase. Despite the makers having rectified the bugs reported by users within a fortnight, the  app could do more to add to the user’s shopping experience.

The most vital for an ecommerce platform is to ensure its products are ‘searchable’. If a user cannot find what he is looking for, the next etailer is just a click away. The Jabong app needs to include a filter for specific category items, so one does not have to suffer browsing through arrays of items they aren’t looking for. Refine the refine feature!

Layout and design is neat, while showing larger visuals of an item gives a good idea to a potential customer. Also, the app has been launched at a time when India is set to be amongst the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. Jabong can reap benefits if the app works towards offering an enhanced user experience for shoppers on the go.